Join the International Conference Committee

The International Conference Committee (ICC) is looking for team members to assist in the planning and running of the 25th Annual Korea TESOL International Conference, 21-22 October 2017.  If you like working with goal-oriented people in a structured, supportive environment, then we can offer you a world-class experience that will make your resume stand out.

ICC teams that are looking for members include Guest Services, Support Services, and Publicity.  The Guest Services Team helps conference attendees and presenters.  They are the face of the conference support. The Support...

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TEC - The Summer 2017 Issue Now Online

Start your summer early with some new ELT ideas. The online Summer issue of TEC is here! Read through the pages of The English Connection for innovation and inspiration. Read Dr. Thomas Farrell's caution on tweeting. Check out Dr. Curtis Kelly's article on learning, memory, and attention. Read about designing courses, immersion programs, teaching debate, teaching computer skills, getting into publishing, and much more in this issue of The English Connection!

You can get started by clinking on

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Yongin KOTESOL June 10 Workshop and Bar-B-Q

Yongin Chapter of KOTESOL continues in June with Second Saturdays!

On Saturday, June 10, come to “YOKO!” for a little bit of the regular and a little bit of the unusual. As with most workshop weekends, we will provide you with helpful information to take back to the classroom. We welcome Brian Raisbeck, who is coming to us from Seoul where he teaches high school conversation and writing. He will share about the usefulness of Kakao Talk as a tool in the classroom. Then, we will transition into an “unworkshop”. (That’s right, we don’t even have time for an “unconference”!) Bring your ...

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International Conference Call for Proposals Closing Soon

31 May 2017 is the deadline for those wishing to submit a proposal for the 25th Annual Korea TESOL - PAC International Conference.  The conference,  21-22 October 2017 at Sookmyung Women's University, typically attracts about a thousand attendees from Korea, across Asia, and beyond.  It is a great venue for English educators, applied linguists, and scholars to present their expertise, share ideas, discuss experiences, and inspire others.

This year’s conference theme is “Why Are We Here? Analog Learning in the Digital Era.” The theme is intended to explore the relevance of face-to-...

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KOTESOL News Celebrates 3rd Anniversary and 2,000 Subscribers!

The May 2017 issue of KOTESOL News marks the third anniversary of the reinvigorated email newsletter--and a landmark 2,000 subscribers! Congratulations, KOTESOL News! Read, share, or subscribe here.

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New Local Discount: Little John Books in Gyeonggi-do!

We are pleased to announce a new discount for KOTESOL members: 20% off foreign books (including novels and other non-textbooks) and a 10% discount + 5% "Mileage" (points that can be used on future purchases) on other items at Little John Books in Suwon, Gyeonggi-do! Just show proof of KOTESOL membership (i.e., your membership card or your online profile page, which includes your membership expiration date), and you should be set.

Address: 117 Bandal-ro, 7 Beon-gil 6, Yeongtong-gu, Suwon, Gyeonggi-do 
(The store is kitty-corner from the back of the Yongtong Home Plus...

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April 2017 Issue of KOTESOL News Is Now Out!

Check your email inbox for the newest issue of KOTESOL News, a great way to keep abreast of upcoming events and organization news! The April 2017 issue was sent on April 1 to 1,964 subscribers. In this month's newsletter, you can learn more about pre-registration for FAB11 & the 2017 KOTESOL National Conference, cool new podcasts presented by Yongin Chapter, and more. Read, share, or subscribe here.

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Pre-register for the National Conference! (Archive)

Archive Copy.

Save on your conference registration by Pre-Registering!

This year's National conference features an All-Star cast of Who's Whos in ELT, with a strong focus on the brain

Robert S. Murphy Curtis Kelly Marc Helgesen Tim Murphey


In fact, a second day of workshops are available!

Pre-register at

See more about the conference at

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Elementary Extensive Reading and Literature Circles for All Levels at Yongin on April 8

Reading Skills and Strategies is the general theme of our April "Second Saturday in Yongin" on the 8th. We have two presenters who were just at the Seoul Chapter's conference in March. Danielle Ryder and Roxy Lee are perfect examples of "Teachers helping Teachers" with creative ideas, insights, and inspiration! 

Location:  Kangnam University, 2nd floor - Shallomkwon (살롬관) Building. Date and Time:  April 8th, 2 pm. 

Presenter: Roxy Lee

Extensive Reading for Elementary School: Reflections and practical tips

Time: 60 minutes

Abstract: Extensive reading (...

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Wonderful Seoul Conference last weekend

The annual Seoul Chapter Conference featured Graham Crookes and over 180 teachers tuning in for a sociable day of professional development.

Thanks to all presenters, participants, and the outstanding volunteers who made the day such a wonderful success.

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2017 Korea TESOL National Election!

Get involved with Korea TESOL!

Do you want to help make Korea TESOL better for our members? Become a member of the National Council!  These positions are availabe during this year's election: 

President  First Vice-President  Second Vice-President  Treasurer  Secretary  International Conference Co-chair Nominations and Elections Chair


Here are some important dates to remember: 

4 September: Nominations open  24 September: Nominations close 2 October: Online voting begins  20 October: Online voting closes  21-22 October: Onsite voting RESULTS ANNOUNCED AT THE ABM


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National Conference- Travel Reimbursement!

Hey DCC! Are you planning to attend this year's National Conference? We have great news for you!! FOR CURRENT DCC MEMBERS ONLY!! The DC Chapter will reimburse travel expenses up to W20,000! You must present travel documents at the conference to receive your reimbursement! To do so, find the Daejeon-Chungcheong Chapter table at the conference

Conference Website: .

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TEC - The Spring 2017 Issue Now Online

Start your new semester with some new inspiration. The Spring TEC is here! Read through the pages of The English Connection to get recharged, revitalized, renewed. Read Dr. Thomas Farrell's take on terrorism in ELT. Check out Dr. Curtis Kelly's new column on neuroELT. Read what social justice in English language teaching means to Gordon West. Empathize with Stephanie Ptak's concerns about equity in the classroom. And uncover much more under the cover of this issue of The English Connection.

You can get started by clinking on

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March 11th with Yongin Chapter - Triple the information, Quadruple the Presenters!

Date: March 11, 2017
Time: 2 p.m. – 5 p.m.
Location: Kangnam University, Yongin (2nd stop on the Yongin Everline! Just after Giheung)
Map - Google
Map - Naver 

For more specific DIRECTIONS please see the menu links on the right side of this page or scroll down to the bottom. 

Questions: Chapter President Martin Todd can be reached at  010-2424-5411 or his email, martinhtodd {at} gmail [dot] com

  Presenter: Tim Yackley Title: Critical Pedagogy in a Post-Truth Era

Time: 90 minutes

Abstract: 10 Tricks to Teach Critical Thinking and Media...

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Present at the 25th Annual International Conference

Korea TESOL would like to invite you to submit presentation proposals for its 25th Annual Korea TESOL International Conference. The conference, this year held in conjunction with the Pan-Asian Consortium of Language Teaching Societies (PAC), is scheduled for 21-22 October 2017 at Sookmyung Women’s University in Seoul.  

This year’s conference theme is “Why Are We Here? Analogue Learning in the Digital Era.” The theme is intended to explore the relevance of face-to-face learning when technological advances have made it possible to create online and distance-learning options. However...

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Teacher Renewal Seminar - A Shared Learning Experience

The Yongin Chapter of KOTESOL would like to sponsor a 4-part teacher-renewal seminar featuring Parker Palmer's "The Courage to Teach". Usually our seminars feature experienced presenters who offer many very good ideas on how and what to teach. This is a little different.

As a result, this series aims to:

Explore the inner landscape of a teacher Refocus on the connection between our own identity and integrity as it relates to the learning process. Create a safe space for professionals on the front lines Share our 'universe' with other professionals Discuss the possibilities for...
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Korea TESOL Journal 12-2 Online Now

The Korea TESOL Journal (Volume 12, Number 2) is now available online for reading and downloading by our KOTESOL membership ㅡ brimming with interesting research on ELT related to the Korean context. NNEST and NEST autoethnographies, NNESTs at hagwons, restructuring L2 teacher education, strategy training, principled eclecticism, and much more ㅡ ten papers in all, with three book reviews. View the table of contents and/or download your copy: HERE.

View all issues of the Korea TESOL Journal: HERE.

Print versions (hardcopies) of this volume will be available to members upon...

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February 2017 Issue of KOTESOL News Is Out!

The February 2017 issue of KOTESOL News was sent the morning of February 5 to 1,961 subscribers. This issue contains calls for proposals for the 2017 National Conference, the Gwangju-Jeonnam Chapter conference, and the Seoul Chapter conference, in addition to providing information about upcoming publications or events. Read, share, or subscribe here!

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Second critical reading group

We are setting up our second online critical reading group as of 26 January 2017. We will begin with Chs. 1-2 of All About Love (bell hooks). For more information, join our Facebook group or contact the SIG administrator (see Social Justice SIG Basic page for instructions).

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Call for Presentations: Gwangju Conference

Gwangju-Jeonnam Chapter Regional Conference

Theme: Stepping Up in an Increasingly Connected World
March 11, 2017 at Gwangju National University of Education
CALL for PRESENTATION Proposal ㅡ Deadline: February 5th.

For more details:

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January 2017 Issue of KOTESOL News Is Out!

The January 2017 issue of KOTESOL News was sent on January 1, 2017, to 1,962 subscribers. Included in this issue are a New Year's greeting from the president of KOTESOL, details about our first vice-president's upcoming appearance on KBS World Radio, information about our publications, and more!

Read, share, or subscribe here.

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David Shaffer Represents KOTESOL on KBS World Radio

In early December, Korea TESOL’s first Vice President David Shaffer went to Seoul for a KBS World Radio Interview.  He was there to represent KOTSOL in a taping of “Touch Base in Seoul,” a weekly interview show hosted by Yooree Kim.  During the interview, Shaffer answered questions about himself as well as about KOTESOL.  

Yooree Kim's interview with David Shaffer is scheduled to air on January 7th at 5:10 pm.  You will be able to listen to it online here.

KBS World Radio is the international satellite radio channel of KBS.   All of KBS World’s programming can be accessed via...

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KOTESOL Directory

Merry Christmas!
As a present to you, KOTESOL provides you with a directory of KOTESOL departments and officers. It contains contacts for National Council members, National Committees and their chairs, Chapters and their officers, Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and their facilitators, and more.
See for yourself: Select "KOTESOL" on the main page black-bar menu; scroll down to select "DIRECTORY"!
Or click on this link:

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KOTESOL Proceedings 2015 Now Online!

In this volume of the Proceedings, we offer 19 papers, from KOTESOL International Conference presenters working in South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Laos, Taiwan, Vietnam, the UK, and the USA. They span the spectrum in variety. KOTESOL Proceedings 2015 contains articles on speaking, pronunciation, using L1, listening, writing, assessment, collaboration, drama, portfolios, the flipped classroom, and content-driven courses. And there are others on teenagers, online doctoral candidates, reflective practice groups, and what students dislike about teachers.

You'll love it. But don't take...

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Yongin KOTESOL Chapter's Newly Elected Chapter Officers for 2017

The Yongin KOTESOL Chapter recently held its election for new chapter officers through Survey Monkey and onsite voting in the December 10, 2016 double workshop feature at Kangnam University. Here are the results:

Martin Todd: President

Duksoon Han: First Vice-President

Dongsook Park: Second Vice-President

David D.I. Kim: Treasurer

Katie Lim: Secretary

Stewart Gray: Graduate Student Representative

Youngseo Choi: Undergraduate Student Representative

Robert Kim: Immediate Past President

On behalf of the chapter, the officers will...

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December 2016 Issue of KOTESOL News Is Out!

The December 2016 issue of KOTESOL News was emailed on December 2, 2016, to 1,962 subscribers. Highlights of the newsletter include details about the annual Leadership Retreat, the Winter 2016 issue of The English Connection, chapter year-end parties, and more! Read, share, or subscribe here.

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TEC - The Winter 2016 Issue Now Online

You can begin your holiday reading in ELT now. The Winter TEC is here. Scoot you and your laptop over close to the warmth of the fireplace (or the space heater) and scroll through the pages of The English Connection. Read others' take on the just-completed international conference or get some pointers on how to better make out those final grades. Or maybe you want to begin with student-generated tasks, or native-speakerism in Korea, or speaking skill development through pecha kucha presentation. Or choose from much more.

Get started by chinking on

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2017 DCC Executive

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Gwangju-Jeonnam Holds Chapter Elections

The following candidates were duly elected at the November 12th Gwangju-Jeonnam Chapter's annual elections with Elections Officer Bryan Hale presiding.

--- President: William Mulligan
--- Vice-President: David Shaffer
--- Treasurer: Lindsay Herron

The term of office is one year (i.e., until the end of the meeting where elections are held next fall). 

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Chapter Elections

Our Nomination Period will end on Sunday, November 13th!  You still have time to submit an application! You can find the bios of our current nominees below. 


Online voting will take place between Monday, November 14th, and Saturday, November 26th. 

Results will be announced at our Symposium and Thanksgiving Dinner on Saturday, November 26th. 

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