History of KOTESOL Presidents

A list of KOTESOL Presidents, with their term of office

Lindsay Herron 2015- (current)
Peadar Callaghan 2013-15 *
Dr Lee Mijae 2011-13 *
Robert Capriles 2009-11 *
Tory Thorkelson 2008-09
Phil Owen 2007-08
Dr. Marilyn Plumlee 2006-07
Louisa Kim 2005-06
Dr Yeum Kyung-sook 2004-05
Dr Myung-Jai Kang 2003-04
Dr Woo Sangdo 2002-03
Dr Robert J. Dickey 2001-2002
Dr Hyun Taeduck 2001 **
Dr Andrew Finch 2000-01 ***
Dr Han Sangho 1999-00
Carl Dusthimer 1997-99 ****
Dr Park Joo-kyung 1996-97
Dr Oryang Kwon 1995-96
Dr Kim Jeong-ryeol 1994-95
Scott Berlin 1993-94

* Robert Capriles, Dr Lee Mijae, and Peadar Callaghan were elected to 2-year terms under a revision to the KOTESOL Constitution (the Constitution has subsequently been revised to allow for 1-year terms)
** Dr Hyun Taeduck completed the term of Andrew Finch
*** Dr Andrew Finch was unable to comlete his term of office due to relocation (outside Korea)
**** Carl Dusthimer was elected by council to a second term due to the resignation of the 1st Vice President (who would assume the presidency under the Constitution of that era)