Jeju Chapter - April 2014 Workshop Review

Bradley Serl, from Pusan University of Foreign Studies, lead Jeju’s Kotesol Spring Workshop on "Syllabus and Lesson Creation."  Those in attendance were educated on facts and statistics of proven effective ways to teach ESL learners. One recurring theme encouraged teachers to let their students do the majority of the talking in the classroom, as every opportunity should be given to students for them to utilize the English language.  Mr. Serl also gave tips in fluency building.  A few of which are; speed reading, skimming and scanning, repeated reading and repeated re-telling.  


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June KOTESOL News dispatched

The June issue of the KOTESOL News email newsletter was sent this morning to 764 subscribers!

If you didn't receive it, you can view it here:

If you would like to subscribe to this mailing list, you can do so here:

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National Council Meeting

The National Council will meet on the 15th of June, 2014, in room 706 of the Woosong Language Institute in Daejeon.

Anyone who is interested can attend the meeting, which will start at 10.30 am and continues until 4.30 pm.  Directions at National Council Meeting #KOTESOL June 15.  Directions -


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National Conference Success!

The final details are still being calculated, but it seems we had over 200 registered attendees, plus staff and volunteers. Participation from our publishing and training supporters meant that the event paid its bills. It seems all enjoyed the day despite the unseasonable heat outside.  (Photos below by Jeroen Root for KOTESOL.)

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Deadline for 2014 IC Paper Submission

Please be aware that the deadline for paper submission for the 2014 international conference is May 30th. 


This year's conference will feature four strands:

Young Learners Assessment and Evaluation Business English Professional Development

An overarching theme for the conference is embracing creativity. We are looking for presentations, panels, or other sessions that discuss and share new, creative, or unique experiences and observations regarding teaching English as a foreign language. Proposals that meet the criteria...

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National Conference make the news

The Korea Herald and Korea Times both have major articles featuring the upcoming KOTESOL National Conference.

Join us May 31st in Daegu. for conference info.

Find the articles online -

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National Conference Program Book is here!

You can now download the Program Book & Extended Summaries for the 2014 KOTESOL National Conference, which takes place May 31st (Saturday) at Global Plaza, Kyungpook National University, in Daegu.  Available from the conference main page - (it's a big download, 4.5mb).  The Timetable is also available, direct from the schedule page -   Abstracts and Bios are available to download too, from

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National Conference Timetable Available

You can now download the full day's Timetable to the 2014 KOTESOL National Conference in Daegu from the Schedule page:.

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More Pre-Conference Videos!

Our invited speakers to KOTESOL National Conference 2014 are already at work, with previews of their presentations available now -


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KOTESOL Fedex Day 2014


KOTESOL would be better if ...


Show us what you think.

24 hours of high intensity rules-free development

June 6, 2014

...........  (Presentations June 7, 7pm))


What is FedEx Day???

The aim of a FedEx Day is to complete something deliverable within a 24 hour period. This enforced deadline is how the event gets its name; it mimics the bold, even revolutionary promise of an overnight delivery by the US-based courier FedEx. The idea here is that if you can’t make the deadline, at least make the effort. (There may be a chance to complete...

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Daegu KOTESOL May 2014 Workshop Review

Due to the long weekend in the first week of May, the Daegu-Gyeongbuk KOTESOL chapter assembled on the second Saturday in May for a highly interactive and engaging presentation by Dan Svoboda of Daegu Catholic University.

With his MA in English Literature and years of experience teaching all ages, Dan’s presentation entitled ‘What Makes a Great Lesson?” had me initially expecting a ‘magic bullet’ that would miraculously transform my future classes.  However, in a very adroit manner,  Dan didn’t simply prescribe quick fixes. Instead, by asking engaging questions, he soon had the...

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Mokpo-Muan Area to Get Outreach Workshops

The Gwangju-Jeonnam Chapter is going on the road to the Mokpo-Muan area with a quintet of ELT presentations for professional development. Holding an outreach event in Muan County has become an annual event for the Chapter. The outreach workshops will be held again this year at Mokpo National University with Jocelyn Wright as site coordinator.

The five presentations will be held over three hours and cover a range of ELT topics. Dr. David Shaffer will be revealing numerous misconceptions commonly held about language learning and teaching. Billie Kang will be explaining how to create a...

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National Conference Registration Opens

Pre-registration has opened for the KOTESOL 2014 National Conference.

General information about registration is available at

Save money by pre-registering! (Pre-registration closes May 16th.)

Also see information on our three Invited Speakers. And more, at

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National Conference Update

60+ presentations.  8 hours. Featuring Marc Helgesen, Dr. Charles Browne, Dr. Ken Beatty.  Speakers from 10 different countries.

See our list of concurrent sessions presenters.

Pre-registration (online) will open April 16th. Save money and time through pre-registration!  More event information will be available in the days ahead.

Presenters from ten countries coming to the KOTESOL National Conference:

Malaysia the United Arab Emirates Thailand Australia Singapore Japan the United States Turkey Saudi Arabia Korea
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Call for Papers for International Conference 2014 Now Open

The Call for Papers for the KOTESOL 2014 International Conference is now open.

Early-bird submissions receive a conference registration discount.

See more.

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New Classroom Observation Program

KOTESOL is pleased to announce the start of our new Open Door Classroom Observation Program! Throughout 2014, the Membership Committee will facilitate connections between members who wish to observe classes and members who are willing to let themselves be observed.

We're currently seeking KOTESOL members in Korea who have been teaching for 3+ years and who are willing to open their classrooms to other KOTESOL members. If you're willing to open your class, please join our database! For more information or to volunteer as a host, please visit

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Daegu KOTESOL April 2014 Workshop Review

There was a great turnout of enthusiastic educators at this month's Daegu-Gyeongbuk KOTESOL chapter meeting on Saturday, April 5th at 3pm.

Hyoeng Jun Chae (MA TESOL) who is currently a teacher at Okgok elementary school in Gyeongsan, led an interactive and activity-driven workshop based on his professional research interests, including: academic writing; visualizing language learning; cognitive psychology and language instruction; and computer-assisted language learning.

Mr. Chae's presentation focussed on Visualizing Language Learning (VLL) and he explained that as students...

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National Council Meeting March 30th

The next National Council meeting will be held on the 30th of March in Seoul. The agenda and venue will be posted once finalised, and anyone who wishes anything to be placed on the agenda is welcome to contact the secretary, Leonie Overbeek, at

All members are welcome to attend.

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Jeonju - North Jeolla Regional Conference Call for Papers

Jeonju-North Jeolla KOTESOL Regional Conference
"Focusing on Student Differences: Responding to Individual Needs"
April 12th at Jeonju University
Call for presentations - due by March 22nd

If you wish to be considered as a presenter,
send your name, proposal title, abstract, biographical statement,
and picture (optional) to:

Deadline:  March 22

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Daegu KOTESOL March 2014 Workshop Review

The Daegu-Gyeongbuk KOTESOL Chapter met on Saturday, March 8th (the second Saturday as opposed to the usual first Saturday in March due to a public holiday) for our monthly workshop. This month featured the topic Debate for English Language Learning presented by Jeroen Root of Kyungpook National University, Daegu.

Jeroen explained that debate is an excellent activity for language learning because it engages all four skills (reading, writing, speaking, and listening) as well as introducing learners to presentation and public speaking while encouraging critical thinking skills and...

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Call for Papers Extended to March 16 - National Conference

The Call for Papers deadline for the KOTESOL 2014 National Conference has been extended to Sunday, March 16th.

The conference takes place in Daegu May 31.

In consideration of the busy "start of school term" season, a couple extra days have been added for those unable to send in their submission.  The webform is at

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KOTESOL Yongin Chapter Brochure

Join now and see what the Yongin Chapter has in store for 2014!

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Gwangju-Jeonnam KOTESOL Conference Coming Soon

Gwangju-Jeonnam KOTESOL Spring Conference

Theme: Addressing the Multifaceted World of ELT
Date: March 15, 2014 (Saturday).
Location: Chosun University Main Building, North/Left Wing

10:30-11:50 Pre-Conference Workshop Sessions (Concurrent; No Admission Charge)
--- Workshop on Getting Started in Research
Joanne McCuaig (KOTESOL Research Comm. Chair)
--- Reflective Practice Workshop on Assessment
Brian Raisbeck (KOTESOL Reflective Practice SIG)

- - - - Lunch - - -   (Make your own arrangements. Campus student cafeteria open.)


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Podcast January 2014

The president's podcast for January.

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Daejeon-Chungcheong's 2014 Brochure

Join us in 2014!

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KOTESOL Video Library Adds 2013 International Conference!


All recorded videos from the 2013 KOTESOL International Conference are available to view. linked from

All videos from the 2012 KOTESOL International Conference are also available.

KOTESOL has built an extensive library of videos hosted on the official KOTESOL YouTube channel. Special features such as bios, abstracts, presenter-written articles, visual displays and additional resources are also available for KOTESOL members (requires login and current membership). These articles include papers from our quarterly newsmagazine The English...

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Korea TESOL Journal Call for Papers

The Korea TESOL Journal is looking for submissions.

The next issue is scheduled to be released in September 2014. The deadline for submissions for this issue is May 31st.

Find the full call for papers at

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National Council Meeting Jan 26

The National Council of KOTESOL will meet on the 26th of January (Sunday).
Sookmyung University's Injaegwan, room 207 *

All KOTESOL members are welcome to attend. The meeting will start at 11 am, and is scheduled to be completed by 4.30 pm.

* Injaegwan is also known as the Sookmyung Professional Center and/or Sookmyung TESOL Center. The location can be found at the Seoul Chapter Workshop Directions page -

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KOTESOL Proceedings 2012 Now Online

KOTESOL Proceedings 2012 is now available online to the KOTESOL membership. This volume of KOTESOL Proceedings is a 307-page compilation of 24 research papers based on presentations made at the KOTESOL 2012 International Conference, including four papers by invited speakers to the 2012 Conference. Current KOTESOL members may access and download the online PDF file by first logging in to their KOTESOL account and then going to the KOTESOL Proceedings webpage:


In addition to the online version, there are also a limited...

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Daegu KOTESOL January 2014 Workshop Review

The Daegu-Gyeongbuk KOTESOL Chapter met on Saturday, January 4th for our monthly workshop, this time on the topic of professional development and teaching portfolios by Rob Dickey of Keimyung Univesity, Daegu.

In this workshop, Rob introduced the purposes of teaching portfolios and outlined the content that educators may like to include in their working and display portfolios. This then becomes an invaluable professional resource for future employment opportunities as well as a record of your teaching experiences for reflection and planning for future growth.

In a nutshell, a...

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