Korea TESOL Journal

The Korea TESOL Journal (KTJ) is a refereed academic journal concerned with teaching English as a foreign or additional language and related issues. Files of past issues are available for viewing and downloading; however, only recent publications are made available to authorized (paid dues) members.   ISSN 1598-0464


The English Connection

The English Connection (TEC) is KOTESOL's quarterly news magazine, featuring scholarly and classroom-based articles as well as teaching tips and articles on working and living in Korea. The English Connection is currently provided free to KOTESOL members. Past issues are available for download in PDF format. During the years 1997-2003 TEC was issued bimonthly.  
ISSN 1598-0456


KOTESOL Proceedings

KOTESOL Proceedings are compilations of the content presented at KOTESOL's annual international conferences. More than just extended summaries, these proceedings are journal-style publications.  Past issues are available for download in PDF format.  Current Proceedings are available for download only for current members.   
ISSN 1598-0472 (Print)
ISSN 2586-4173 (Online)


TEC News

TEC News was Korea TESOL's online companion publication to The English Connection (TEC). It was a quarterly publication for several years (2011-13). TEC News contained news about KOTESOL's Chapters and Special Interest Groups (SIGs). It also carried news on ELT conferences, calendars of events for KOTESOL and ELT conferences in Korea and international. Also included was a handy, yet extensive, KOTESOL Directory of National and Chapter officers and other position-holders in KOTESOL. (Publication has been discontinued.)


The KOTESOL Handbook

The KOTESOL Handbook was published in 1999 through the collective efforts of a team of authors and editors. Only a few hardcopies were printed at the time. However, a digital version of the Handbook is now available online.


Chapters' Newsletters

Many KOTESOL Chapters create their own local periodicals. These are linked from the Chapter homepages. A current listing of chapter newsletter homepages is available.



Submissions to KOTESOL publications (The English Connection, Korea TESOL Journal, KOTESOL Proceedings) are always welcome.

We recommend that you read the author guidelines for these publications and read several issues before preparing your submission. By doing so you will ensure a greater chance of acceptance with less need for extensive revisions.

You may also find the information linked below to be helpful in preparing papers for publication:

Submissions should be directed to the KOTESOL Publications Committee Chair.

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July 1, 1999