Special Interest Groups

Christian Teachers

The next Christian Teachers' Symposium will be a full day hands-on workshop on Restorative Approaches in ELT at Handong University on September 23, 2017. The trainers are Cheryl Woelk and Abby Long.  Abstract

Content Based Instruction

Welcome to the Content Based Instruction Special Interest Group (CBI-SIG). ** Just Announced!** There are several CBI related sessions listed for the International conference. I will list those here (please let me know if I have missed some).

Extensive Reading

This is the page for the Extensive Reading Special Interest Group (ER-SIG). Extensive reading is a great way to develop reading and overall language skills, and we would like to play a role in promoting the practice in Korea. Some of the purposes of the ER-SIG are as follows:

Holistic Education

Facilitator: Greg W. Brooks-English www.head&

KTT: KOTESOL Teacher Training

We are a department of KOTESOL. As such, our aim is to help fulfill KOTESOL's mission, which is: "To promote scholarship, disseminate information, and facilitate cross-cultural understanding among persons concerned with the teaching and learning of English in Korea."

Multimedia & CALL

The KOTESOL Multimedia and Computer-Assisted Language Learning Special Interest Group (MCALL SIG) is for members who are interested in integrating educational technology and media into their classrooms. 

Professional Development

Welcome to the KOTESOL Professional Development Special Interest Group (PD-SIG). Professional Development has many definitions, and the SIG will discuss those.

Reflective Practice

It seems like teachers in Korea are always talking about teaching. Unfortunately they are not always talking about teaching in productive and constructive ways.


The Research Special Interest Group (RSIG) is a community within KOTESOL (Korea TESOL).

Social Justice

Since its unofficial launch in September of 2015 and later as a KOTESOL Special Interest Group (SIG), the Social Justice (Critical Educators in Korea) SIG has endeavored to connect active educators interested in social justice and critical approaches to education in South Korea.

Young Learners Teens

KOTESOL's Young Learners & Teens Special Interest Group has been inactive for several years.