Research Committee

Committee Purpose

The Research Committee is responsible for soliciting, reviewing, and ultimately selecting applications for the KOTESOL Research Grant. 

2018 Committee Members

Colin Walker (Committee Chair)
David Shaffer
Lindsay Herron
Jake Kimball
Christopher Miller

2018 KOTESOL Research Grant

Up to three grants of 200,000 won may be awarded for the 2018 academic year depending on the number of viable applications. The grants are available for KOTESOL members (novice and experienced researchers alike) who wish to conduct original research on theories, research, methods, and materials related to language teaching and learning in Korea. 


Grant recipients must
1. Have a valid KOTESOL Membership
2. Have a Korean bank account
3. Be willing to fulfill the writing requirements (see below)
4. Be willing to submit his/her findings in a paper to the Korea TESOL Journal and wait for approval/rejection before submitting to another publication 

Writing Requirements

1. Short Report 500-550 words (due May 21, 2018)
2. Long report 1000-1500 words (due August 21, 2018)
3. Revised Long Report 1000-1500 words or a draft of their paper (due February 19, 2019)

Grant Recipients are required to write two progress reports. The progress reports should explain the grant recipient’s actions in working towards publication in the Korea TESOL Journal. In general, the reports should detail the following:

What have you [the grant recipient] done? 
What are you [the grant recipient] currently doing?
What do you [the grant recipient] have left to do?
Explain how the Research Grant is helping you achieve your goals. In other words, how have you spent (or how do you plan to spend) the money (e.g. conferences, travel, books, transcription)?

Publication Requirements

In order to receive the 200,000 won, the Long Report (due on August 21, 2018) must demonstrate the Grant Recipient’s progress and commitment to publishing a full paper in the Korea TESOL Journal. If this is not possible, the Grant Recipient must make revisions to the Long Report, so that it can be considered for publication as a Research Report in one of Korea TESOL’s publications: see

2018-19 Timeline

1. February 25, 2018:  Application Deadline (Due by 23:59)
2. February 25, 2018 - March 18, 2018: Blind Review
3. March 18, 2018:  Notification of Results
4. May 21, 2018:  First report (500-550 words) (To be submitted by email by 23:59)
5. August 21, 2018:  Second report (1000-1500 words) (To be submitted by email by 23:59)
6. February 19, 2019: Revised report (1000-1500) or a draft of your paper (5000-8000 words) (To be submitted by email by 23:59)

As soon as the revised report or manuscript draft has been received and reviewed by the Research Chair, the Grant Recipient will receive a wire transfer 200,000 won to his/her Korean Bank Account. 

How to Apply

Complete this form: 


Attached PDFs: