This KOTESOL website and related aspects of KOTESOL's "web presence" are developed and maintained by the KOTESOL Webteam.  The Webteam consists of individuals at the national level as well as webeditors at the chapter, SIG, and committee level and those who manage Facebook, Twitter, and other online communications streams.

This is a working document, we also experiment here!

At the national level, the team includes:
John Phillips, Technologies Committee Chair
Rob Dickey

We welcome others!

There are a number of "help" pages developed to assist Webeditors. You may also contact us using the "contact" form linked from the top of every webpage --

Please be aware that this website is hosted at Bluehost, a leading global web solutions services provider, and run on Drupal7, an open-source user-supported community development product. These choices, made through careful longterm deliberations (and years of trial and error!), impact what and how we can present information through the website. Much of the website functions similarly to other self-publishing systems you may be familiar with, but certain functions have been curtailed or removed due to susceptibility to hacking.

Sections on this page include

  • Designing Pages & Page Titles
  • Placing Images In-line (amidst text)
  • Long Quotes
  • Page Attachments (Media: photos, videos, PDFs)
  • Videos
  • Readability
  • Archiving Pages
  • Mail Members Through Drupal
  • Downloading Chapter Member data
  • Downloading Subscribers data of Chapters & SIGs
  • CSV files from
  • Changing Passwords
  • Managing Email accounts
  • Membership Expiry Notices (sent to members direct)


Designing pages & page titles

(must be logged in with Webeditor privileges)
We strongly encourage all Webeditors to look at the following two pages before moving forward. tells some "best practices" for page design. tells about how the "filtered html" and "plain text" editing filters work. Most webeditors are limited to Filtered-HTML or plain-text.
(These pages are currently somewhat out of date as we experiment with different page-editor toolbars to maximize Webeditors' stylistic options while remaining within a uniform page presentation format.)

Naturally we suggest that all Webeditors browse the website to see what nifty design concepts can be emulated.

Some words of caution:

  • Do not cut and paste from MS Word documents as this brings hidden Microsoft HTML code into your pages which can cause unpredictable results on non-Windows browsers and even create security risks for the site.  Please use "paste as text" or cut and paste from simple text sources only. Bad hidden HTML code pasted into a document on the old KOTESOL website may have provided the crack that allowed a hacker to insert a wedge and work in from there. Please don't use MS documents of any type as a direct source for your web page content. At the very least, copy MSWord (or Powerpoint) to the Notepad (memopad in Korean), save the file as simple text (ASCII), close the file, re-open the file, copy-paste from file to your web page.
  • Page Titles generate the page URL. We strongly recommend brief (pithy) titles that include essential and distinguishing information - group (chapter), event name, year (month?) if recurring, and specific info this page provides. Most non-alphanumeric characters in page titles will be ignored, spaces become dashes. Do not use "longdash" (m-dash), use two or three hyphens (minus) with a space before and after the series of hyphens. Avoid Korean in page titles as much as possible. Example: Busan Summer 2016 Symposium Registration
  • The use of tables is very strongly discouraged because they do not scale well in the mobile-friendly environment.  If you must, please think 500 pixels as maximum width. The current editing toolbars offer a default (safer) tables creation option.
  • Web hyperlinks are automatically enabled - those starting with http or https (with the ://) or www (followed by a dot) or an email address will automatically create hyperlinks. Do not place a period after that link. Alternatively, you can use the hyperlink button in the editing toolbar to control links.
  • Inserting spaces and carriage returns, as if you were using an old typewriter, are non-standard formatting and may break the page on mobile screen sized devices. Single space between sentences. Single space following typed links (or they might not work!).
  • <Shift>+<Return> (Return = Enter Key) will generate a line break <br>.  A single Return (Enter Key) alone generates a paragraph break <p> with different spacing "padding" below the previous line of text.
  • Graphics; The system is set up to handle graphics automatically.  Unfortunately this is not intuitive.  The first Picture upload box is used for the header of the page.  See as an example.  The subsequent picture/graphics are loaded through the "Media Attachments" and will appear as expandable thumbnails below your text. We strongly suggest that all in-page images remain smaller than 550 pixels in width in the upload, as image resizes slows processes. (See next section for more.)
  • Bullets and numbered lists may require a line break following the last item to ensure the next paragraph aligns properly. That issue is somewhat inconsistent, it seems.


Placing Images In-line (amidst text)

Inline images require a special process to get them in. And unfortunately, due to periodic system updates, this process changes from time to time (due to system updates in Drupal). You have to select "Browse Server" to locate or upload an image to the server before you can import it into the Body text area. It's not very intuitive. Always remember to never put an inline image at the start of the body text area otherwise the pictures will show up and wreck the teasers. At least 300 characters down. You can size images, but due to our use of the Mobile-friendly environments we suggest you keep images at 550pix wide or less. We recommend that you use properly sized images on the website to begin with, don't depend on the site to resize on the fly.  Image recalculation requires a lot of CPU time to recalculate image size and delays the page each time it is requested from the server. 
See the quick video at

Long Quotes

The Blockquotes function is currently enabled.

See this

1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. 2 Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.

3 And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. 4 God saw that the light was good, and he separated the light from the darkness. 5 God called the light “day,” and the darkness he called “night.” And there was evening, and there was morning—the first day.

Please note that spacing following a long-quote is somewhat erratic. You may find that using a line-break helps make it look right when a paragraph break makes the gap too large (or too small). Experiment.

Page Attachments (Media: photos, videos, PDFs)

You may attach photos, videos, and PDF files to pages. After attaching, you may also link to those attachments on the same page, or from any other page on the internet.

Near the bottom of the page is an area labeled Media. It will be compressed, click on Media to open the contents. Videos can be uploaded (see further below in this page), also photos and PDF files. Other formats are not accepted, no PPTs or DOCs, which can carry viruses. Uploading a file is fairly routine. You may also sort your attachments - use the "weight" item. A lower (or negative) number moves items higher in the listing. After you have uploaded the file you may provide an easy-to-read label to the file. You can right-click on the file-link (blue) to get the file address for linking. After you have saved the page the attachments are permanent, not until then. If you later delete the attachment, this will remove the file from the server (probably).



Most pages in the website offer the embedded video player, which plays near the bottom of the page (cannot be relocated on basic pages). We cannot stream videos directly on this system, but we can play videos hosted on streaming servers. Youtube is fully-supported, some other players might be (currently Vimeo is also supported). There is a Korea TESOL Youtube Channel where all our videos should be placed (some videos, particularly from years ago, are hosted elsewhere). Important videos are also presented through the KOTESOL Video Library. Please contact the Admins for more information on placing videos in the Korea TESOL Youtube channel. Other embedded video players are not supported within our pages (no iframes or HTML5 coding). You may link to off-site video players, but we strongly encourage you to keep your viewers on the website by using the embedded video player.. and again, please contact the Admins to gain access to the KOTESOL Youtube Channel (you can also contact admins using the Contact form at top of every page).



As language teachers we mointor our language when we communicate with our learners. We should also be concious of language on webpages.

While our members are university-educated, higher cognitive demand for reading reduces the cognitive resources available to think about your message.

Microsoft Word® and various websites provide readability metrics, here are three suggestions:


Archiving Pages

ALL KOTESOL content should remain on/be hosted on the KOTESOL server. Archived pages should be prominantly marked as such, so viewers understand that the page is not being currently maintained.

By default all content that is created on the KOTESOL web site remains on the KOTESOL server unless it is deliberately deleted. "Unpublishing" a page is not a proper solution, as the file remains on the server (slowing the system) and the file is difficult to relocate. Please do not "archive" pages on a separate server or private drive, as ultimately these files will become "lost."

The English Expo 2014 has been properly archived. Please note that, in general, when you change the page title, the URL will change to match the page title. If you wish to archive important pages where the URL should not change, please contact the website Admins for help through the email link or via the Contact form at the top of all pages. If you are designing pages for an annual event, do include the year in the page title.


Mail Members through Drupal

check the video instruction page at

Downloading Chapter Member data

(must be logged in with webeditor privileges)
Only current KOTESOL paid members who selected your chapter are included.
You will find the Members [chapter name] link in the editor's menu on the chapter homepage.
Please do not confuse Subscribers (who indicate an interest in following your  Chapter/SIG) with members who actually indicated their single chapter preference within their personal profile)
See image for location of this download link in chapter's editing column -
See note on CSV files below.

Downloading Subscribers data of Chapters & SIGs

(must be logged in with webeditor privileges)
Only current KOTESOL paid members who subscribed to your chapter/SIG are included.
Subscribe means they clicked the link to Subscribe ("follow" in facebook terms) your group.
You will find the [chapter/SIG name] Subscribers list link in the editor's menu (far bottom of right column) on the chapter/SIG homepage.
See note on CSV files below.

CSV files from

* We remind that this information is members' personal information and proprietary to KOTESOL: it must not be shared or used for non-KOTESOL purposes.

You should use Libre Office to access these CSV files (if you try to open these CSV with Microsoft Excel there will be some formatting errors).
Libre Office versions are available for Windows, Macintosh and GNU/Linux.
Free software download:

Information about the settings required to open the KOTESOL CSV files properly

Simply opening the downloaded file with Excel will Not produce data in a useful form. You also need to configure the settings in Libre Office (a one-time activity on your computer) in order to read the hangul characters correctly and ensure that all data falls into the proper fields (columns). This does not affect your regular Excel file settings.

Changing Passwords

Please retain the assigned Webeditor_XXX as the first name on the account and XXXX as the last name. You may change the currently assigned password. If you do, please select a secure one. If you cannot access the password please contact webservices and we will generate a new password.

Managing Email accounts

Option 1: Accessing the Bluehost mail account
... Webmail
... POP(etc) settings for external access
Option 2: Forwarding to your personal email account

Contact us using the "contact" form linked from the top of every webpage -- to arrange changes if you can't do it yourself. Yes, mail can be forwarded to more than one external account.

Membership Expiry Notices (sent to members direct)

Members receive 3 notices of expiry sent to their email address of record.
-- The first is 30 days before expiry.
-- The second is 14 days before expiry
-- The third is at expiry notifying that the persons membership has expired.

Notices are NOT sent to chapters, SIGs, or other groups or administrators.