Nominations & Elections

Results from the 2017 National Election:

President: David Shaffer
1st Vice President: Michael Free
2nd Vice President: Mike Peacock
Secretary: Martin Todd
Treasurer: Phillip Schrank
International Conference Committee Co-Chair: Grace Wang
Nominations & Elections Committee Chair: Allison Bill


The President shall preside at the Annual Business Meeting, shall be the convener of the Council, and shall be responsible for promoting relationships with other organizations. The President shall also be an ex-officio member of all committees formed within KOTESOL. The First and Second Vice-Presidents shall cooperate to reflect the intercultural dimension of KOTESOL.

The First Vice-President shall assist the President in his or her duties and work with the Chapters through their Council representatives to assist them in their business. The First Vice-President shall also undertake such other responsibilities as the President may delegate.

The Second Vice-President shall organize the Annual Leadership Retreat, oversee and assist the Special Interest Groups (SIGs), oversee the Korea Teacher Trainer (KTT) program and its finances, and serve as the KTT liaison to Council. The Second Vice-President shall also undertake such other responsibilities as the President may delegate.

The Secretary shall keep minutes of all KOTESOL meetings and decisions, including those done electronically, and ensure that the minutes are published on the KOTESOL website. The Secretary shall also archive, safeguard and make available, as needed, all the official records of KOTESOL, including the Policy Manual, which should be kept up-to-date and disseminated to all members of Council at the start of each year. At the completion of the term of office, the Secretary shall pass on all documents to the incoming Secretary.

The Treasurer shall act as a fiduciary for the financial affairs of KOTESOL, keep appropriate bank accounts in the name of KOTESOL maintain accurate records of the finances of the organization, maintain a list of KOTESOL members, prepare the annual operating budget and manage all funds belonging to KOTESOL in an open and accountable manner.

The Nominations and Elections Chair shall act as the Chief Returning Officer of KOTESOL and chair the Nominations and Elections Committee.

The International Conference Co-chair shall assist the International Conference Chair in all of his or her duties in order to gain insight and experience to successfully organize the following International Conference.


All members of the Council must be members in good standing of KOTESOL.

Any members seeking nomination for an elected position on the Council must have been a member in good standing for at least the 12 full months immediately prior to the time of seeking nomination; except that all candidates for election to President must have been a KOTESOL member for the previous two years, and must be a current member of TESOL at the time of nomination and throughout the term as President.

Nominations for the 2017 Election are open from Monday, September 4th, to Sunday, September 24th.  Anyone interested in running for a position, fill out the form at by September 24th.

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