KOTESOL Frequently Asked Questions


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What is KOTESOL?

KOTESOL, or Korea Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (or just “Korea TESOL”), is a professional organization for teachers. We have ten local chapters that host regular meetings featuring presentations and workshops designed to help teachers improve their teaching. We also host regional, national, and international conferences each year.

Our mission statement is “To promote scholarship, disseminate information, and facilitate cross-cultural understanding among persons concerned with teaching and learning of English in Korea.”

In short, we’re teachers helping teachers!


I can’t remember my KOTESOL account user name and/or password.

Enter your email address (the one you used to open the account) as the username, then click "Request new password." You will receive an email with your username and a temporary password, which can be changed after you successfully login (My Account --> Edit).


How can I join? 

First, you'll need to create an online profile and verify it (click the link in the confirmation email you receive). Then you'll need to log in and order a membership. You can start by clicking "Join/Renew" (above) and then completing the shopping cart process. A detailed step-by-step guide is attached below.

Can I pay by credit card? / Why don't you take credit cards?

Korea TESOL is unable to accept credit cards or PayPal. 

While credit card processing by for-profit businesses in South Korea is supported and even encouraged by the government, the banking laws, tax structures, and reporting systems here make the use of credit cards in nonprofit associations difficult and expensive. Accordingly, almost no academic society in Korea does so. The same is true for electronic payment systems such as PayPal and KakaoPay. In addition, off-shore banking and use of personal accounts in lieu of registered organization bank accounts create significant legal liability for both the association and the individuals involved. We continue to look for alternate ways to facilitate payments from overseas; but for the foreseeable future, bank transfer remains the only type of payment we can accept. (Please feel free to transfer payments from multiple people at once, in bulk! Just email us to let us know what the payment is for, and for whom.) Thank you for your understanding and patience!


When does my membership expire?

You can find your KOTESOL membership information on your membership profile page,, under "Role." If you do not find an expiration date listed, then your membership has probably expired. You can find more information about membership expiration dates here.


Do I have to be a member to attend KOTESOL meetings?

You don’t have to be a member, but some chapters charge a small fee for non-members. Meetings are free for members and first-time visitors, and some chapters have meetings that are always free for everyone.


Why should I become a member?

There are many reasons to become a KOTESOL member. First, your membership dues help support your local chapter and ensure that KOTESOL continues to offer high-quality professional development opportunities nationwide.

Members also receive a variety of benefits:

  • discounts to KOTESOL conferences and other events
  • copies of The English Connection, a quarterly publication
  • opportunities to present at the KOTESOL International Conference
  • unlimited online access to KOTESOL publications
  • free access to our classroom observation program
  • free shipping on KOTESOL merchandise
  • participation in SIGs (special interest groups)
  • invitations to social and networking events
  • an affiliation to add with pride to a resume
  • Members can also actively participate in the government of KOTESOL, from voting for officers to running for office.


Did you get my membership payment?

Probably. After payment is received, it takes about 7-10 business days to process a membership order. You can track the status of your order online: on your user profile page, click on the “Orders” tab (My Account → Orders). If your order isn’t listed there, or if it’s still listed as “Pending” after 10 days, please contact us.


I just renewed my membership! Why am I getting a membership expiration notice?

Some reasons that a member may receive an automated "membership expired" message are listed below. KOTESOL Treasury and TechComm will work to resolve any issues.

1. Membership processing is handled by several interrelated departments, including the Technologies Committee (TechComm), the Treasury, and the Membership Committee.

2. Automated messages are sent 30 days prior to membership expiry, 14 days prior, and on the date membership has expired.

3. It usually takes about 7 to 10 business days for our volunteers to process a membership payment. If this processing time overlaps with the automated messaging dates, then the scheduled message will be sent.

4. In some cases, it is difficult to match a payment to a membership order (different sender name, incomplete sender information, etc.), but the Treasury and TechComm will work diligently to resolve the issue. In these situations, we will need further information about the payment.

After your membership renewal is processed and activated online, the membership roster is passed on to the Membership Committee, and they create membership cards and distribute them. The cards are created about once a month (except during vacations) and are usually sent to your chapter. If you alert us in advance, we can bring your card to a national event and give to you there.

Thanks for your understanding. We are volunteers!


I’m a graduate student. Can I get a student membership?

No. Student memberships are only available for undergraduate students currently studying. Please consider getting a regular 1-year membership, instead.


Where can I buy KOTESOL merchandise?

KOTESOL branded items are available for purchase at most regional conferences, as well as at our National Conference and International Conference. If you prefer, you can purchase KOTESOL items online. Domestic shipping is free for KOTESOL members.


I’m a new member! Now what?

Welcome aboard, and congratulations on taking a great step in your own professional development! This page will give you some ideas on where to start.


Do you offer TESOL certification?

No. We do offer certificates of attendance and participation, though, and members can participate in our classroom observation program. These can sometimes count toward a certification or degree, and they might meet employers’ requirements for continuing professional development. Talk with your employer or certificate/degree program to see if KOTESOL can help you.


I’m giving a presentation to non-KOTESOL teachers, and I’d love to tell them about KOTESOL. Can I get some KOTESOL goodies to hand out?

Absolutely! We’d love to send you some KOTESOL pamphlets and/or business cards to distribute at your presentation. Just tell us about your event: what, when, where, and how many attendees you’re expecting. You can use our online promotional materials order form.


What do all those abbreviations mean?

Here’s a handy reference guide to KOTESOL jargon you might encounter:

  • SIG = Special Interest Group
  • ConComm = (International) Conference Committee
  • KTT = KOTESOL Teacher Training, our corps of presenters who specialize in training
  • TEC = The English Connection, our quarterly professional journal
  • ABM = Annual Business Meeting
  • N&E = Nominations and Elections (committee)
  • RP = reflective practice
  • PD = professional development
  • ER = extensive reading
  • YL = young learners
  • DCC = Daejeon Chungcheong (chapter)


Are your workshops and conferences in Korean or in English?

English is the official language of KOTESOL, but on rare occasions Korean-language presentations are offered.


I’m moving out of the country soon. What should I do?

Just update your mailing address in your user profile (My account --> View --> Postal Mailing Address Label). When you renew your membership, be sure to renew as an international member, and select "International Community" for your chapter.


I can't see the fields on the online membership form; they're all black! How can I join?

A black "overlay" is a known problem with Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8 web browser. IE 8 is a discontinued product, and Microsoft will not fix the issue. If you have this problem, please try using another browser, such as Firefox or Chrome. If you cannot install another browser, try using another machine with a different web browser or a newer (or older!) version of Internet Explorer.


I have lost the banking information. How can I send my payment?

As a general rule, KOTESOL does not wish to receive payment without completion of the relevant forms--after all, how can we figure out where to credit the payment without the documentation?  However, if you do need our banking information, please visit the general information page at



Do you have a question about membership that isn’t answered above? Please feel free to contact the Membership Committee!