ELT Journals Online

Below is a compilation of journals with many articles available online (no subscription required, although they may have other articles requiring a subscription). This is by no means a complete listing. Your suggestions welcomed. Also please inform us of any broken links.

Many other journal articles, plus many master's and doctoral theses, can also be found through the RISS search engine, principally those papers completed in Korea (RISS통합검색) but also a number of overseas databases (example, SCOPUS, 해외DB통합검색).  Some papers will be directly accessible through RISS, for others you will have to pursue other avenues (such as library collections or pay-to-view). Most Korean university libraries will grant temporary access to non-students, you can access many articles through their online collections.

ELT journals based in Korea with online access are listed at

There are literally thousands of other journals available online. Look for many through the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAR), which includes many campus-based journals and publications of professional societies -

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updated 2016.03.1