International Outreach Committee

The International Outreach Committee is responsible for "foreign relations" for KOTESOL, working with international partner organizations.

The Operating Policies for the committee include a general summary of the committee and details on the roles and responsibilties of international representatives for KOTESOL -- see attached (links below).

The list of current international affiliates (partners), with short descriptions of those organizations, is attached ("International Affiliates"). Note that KOTESOL also has domestic partners, who are not the focus of this committee.

The Partner Agreements for each of those organizations(international and domestic) is available:

The committee is comprised of persons who represented KOTESOL at international conferences during the past year, as well as a chair who was appointed by the KOTESOL National (Executive) Council. Other members can be appointed as well.  See the committee guidelines for more information.

Reports from Partner conferences can be found in the menu to the right of this page (below page in smaller screens)), these are a model for reports expected from our representatives at each partner conference.

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