Welcome to the Gangwon KOTESOL Group.

The Gangwon KOTESOL chapter is a small group. However we are keen to connect with ALL English teachers in the province. So whether you work at a school, university, or hagwon, or whether you are a foreign teacher, or a Korean English teacher, we would love to hear from you.

Please feel free to connect with us and to share your ideas with each other. We would love to see you at our meetings! The more you contribute, the more we can find out how to serve you, the English teacher.

Our meetings tend to focus on practical ideas and we are always looking for new ideas that are practical and interesting to be shared at our meetings. We at Gangwon believe in giving our members a place to grow and develop, so you need not be an "experienced" presenter to be given a shot with us. Several previous presenters now present nationally and internationally after taking their first steps with Gangwon! So, if you want to share your knowledge with fellow Chapter members, please get in touch.

We are easily contactable via Facebook and we host an open group. If you are on Facebook, type in "KOTESOL-Gangwon Chapter" or use the following link.

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