The Research Special Interest Group (RSIG) is a community within KOTESOL (Korea TESOL). The Research SIG provides a forum for KOTESOL members to develop their research interests through a variety of activities and events. We are active on Facebook at

This SIG is intended to be a practical resource for members to use in order to write research papers or discuss research topics. Really though, its whatever we make it. One function of this SIG is to help Kotesol members create publishable manuscripts. Writing a research paper can be difficult to say the least. Members of this Research SIG will have the opportunity to assist one another with proofreading, coming up with research designs, and helping overcome sadistic statistics. 

We hope this SIG helps with developing publishable research studies. Assistance with thesis and dissertation papers is also available. Just remember, a lot of the time it will be the blind leading the blind. hopefully we can learn a lot together!

Please check our our list of relevant EFL journals. Let us know if you have any ideas for the research SIG. We welcome your input.

Please contact me at 010-4442-8181 OR facebook me at Dan Bailey if you have questions about this SIG or research in general. 


Daniel Bailey


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