Daegu-Gyeongbuk KOTESOL January 2016 Workshop Review + PDF Files

The Daegu-Gyeongbuk KOTESOL Chapter successfully rang in the new year last Saturday, January 9th, with a new location, fresh faces, and the welcoming of our new chapter president, Jeroen Root. Along with enjoying two engaging workshops given by presenters Jeroen Root and Will Wickham, everyone had a great time networking and learning about opportunities such as upcoming conferences, our local special interest group, and how to better connect with other Daegu-Gyeongbuk KOTESOL members.

The meeting was held at Elmo Study Café in order to make the workshop programs more accessible to...

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Jeroen Root, Daegu-Gyeongbuk Chapter President 2016

Congratulations are in order for Jeroen Root who was sworn in as president of the KOTESOL Daegu-Gyeongbuk Chapter at the monthly workshop meeting on Saturday, January 9th, 2016.

Jeroen Root is currently a Visiting Professor at Kyungpook National University in Daegu. He holds a Master’s in TESOL from the University of Auckland, New Zealand, and his professional interests include second language reading and writing, project-based learning, assessment, and gifted education as well as reflective practice and teacher development.

With the official handing over of the Robert’s...

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The English Connection (TEC) Latest Issue Online

As the chill of winter arrives, so does the warmth of the Winter Issue of The English Connection (TEC). Read it online now, or wait for the hard copy soon to be coming off the press.

This issue showcases climate change, illustrating how we can impress the severity of the sitution upon our students while still teaching English. And Dr. Thomas Farrell starts up a new column on Reflective Practice beginning in this issue.

You will also find the regular TEC features and columns that the magazine is noted for. Check out the table of contents, and start reading: HERE.


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Membership Cards, KOTESOL Merchandise on Hiatus Until March

The Membership Committee is taking a holiday during the winter break! New membership cards, KOTESOL merchandise, and more will be available in the spring, as the new school year starts. If you are a domestic member renewing your membership or joining as a new member during the winter break, your membership card will be sent to your local chapter in early March.

The Membership Committee chair can still be reached by email, but please be patient; it might take a few days to receive a response.

Happy holidays!

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January 2016 Issue of KOTESOL News Sent

The January 2016 issue of KOTESOL News was sent on January 1, 2016, to 1,463 subscribers. Highlights of this issue include a call for proprosals (and opinions!) from the National Conference Committee and information about how members can access the most recent issue of Korea TESOL Journal online or as a hard copy. 

Read, share, or subscribe here.

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Call for Presentations - 2016 National Conference

KOTESOL National Conference 2016
May 28, 2016 — Sangji University, Wonju
  "Our Provinces"

You are invited to submit a proposal for presentation at the KOTESOL 2016 National Conference in Wonju (Gangwon Province) May 28th.

See the full Call for Presentations at

The deadline for submissions is March 1.

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Survey -- Your Input for National Conference 2016

National Conference 2016 Survey

What are you looking for in a conference?
Complete this 5 minute survey, help us give you what you are looking for.


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Yongin KOTESOL Chapter's Newly Elected Officers


The Yongin Chapter proudly anounces its newly elected officers after balloting through Survey Monkey. During the December 12, 2015 Chapter workshop at Kangnam University in Yongin, the results were anounced. Here  are the following new chapter officers:

Robert Kim: President

Martin Todd: First Vice-President

Angela Wu: Second Vice-President

David D.I. Kim, Treasurer

Duksoon Han, Secretary

Youngseo Choi, Student Representative

On behalf of the chapter, the officers will work hard in helping English teachers of various backgrounds,...

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Korea TESOL Journal 11-2 Online Now

The Korea TESOL Journal (Volume 11, Number 2, 2015) is now available online for reading and downloading by our KOTESOL membership -- chocked full of interesting research on ELT related to the Korean context. Korean blog writing, a case of bullying, writing on the Sewol incident, teachers beliefs concerning SLA, and much more -- ten papers in all. View the table of contents and/or download your copy: HERE.

View all issues of the Korea TESOL Journal HERE.

Print versions (hardcopies) of this volume will be available to members upon request, free of charge, through March 30, 2016...

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December 2015 KOTESOL News Sent!

The December 2015 KOTESOL News email newsletter was sent on Friday, December 4, to 1,459 subscribers. This issue contains information about December events as well as calls for papers, presentations, and representatives for 2016. You may read it, share it, or subscribe here.

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Gwangju-Jeonnam Conference 2016 Call for Presentations

Gwangju-Jeonnam KOTESOL Regional Conference

Gwangju National University of Education
March 12, 2016


Theme: Service -- A Tradition in Teaching

The conference theme was selected to highlight the work that EFL educators do not only at the chalkface, but beyond the classroom -- work that propels organizations like KOTESOL and Gwangju-Jeonnam Chapter; work that facilitates professional development for one's colleagues through conferences, symposia, workshops, and SIG meetings; work that ultimately contributes to the EFL educator's own...

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Gwangju-Jeonnam Officers Elected for 2015-16

Chapter elections were held at Gwangju-Jeonnam KOTESOL for their three elective officers. Those elected to lead the Chapter in the coming year are as follows:

President: Dr. David Shaffer
Vice President: William Mulligan
Treasurer: Lindsay Herron

Additional Chapter officers shall be appointed soon to assist in the guidance of the Chapter in the many tasks lying ahead in the coming year.

Photo (from left): David Shaffer, Lindsay Herron, William Mulligan.

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Symposium Schedule!

The DCC Symposium
Thanksgiving Dinner Saturday, November 28, 2015 Woosong University (West Campus, Building W16)

9am to 10am: Registration
9:45 to 10am: Opening Ceremony
10am to 5:40PM: Symposium
5:40PM: Closing Ceremony

Turkey Dinner: 6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.


See more - register -

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Jeju Chapter Elects 2015-2016 Executive Officers

The Jeju Chapter of KOTESOL held its annual elections on November 9, 2015. The elected officers for the 2015-16 term are as follows:

President - Stephanie Nixon

Vice President - Christine Gallagher

Treasurer - Leonard Castro

(For more information about the elected Executive Officers for the 2015-2016 term, please refer to the Executive Profiles.)

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Membership Benefit: Fourth Month Free at

KOTESOL members who take out a new 3-month subscription to can have a 4th month added to their subscription at no extra cost. Just sign up and pay for a new 3-month subscription, then email evidence of your KOTESOL membership (e.g., a scan of your membership card or a screen capture of the name and membership expiration date in your online profile) to ProfsAbroad. The fourth month will be added to your subscription.

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November 2015 Issue of KOTESOL News Is Now Available!

The November 2015 issue of KOTESOL News was sent on November 1, 2015, to 1,426 subscribers. Read, share, or subscribe here!

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Elections Results Oct 2015

The following have been duly elected in the KOTESOL National Elections of October 2015, and will serve until the 2016 Annual Business Meeting:

President: Lindsay Herron
1st Vice President:  Dr. David E. Shaffer
2nd Vice President:  Ingrid Zwaal
Secretary:  Daniel Cable
Treasurer:  Phil Owen
Nominations & Elections Committee Chair:  Mike Peacock
International Conference Committee Co-Chair:  Sean O'Connor

* The International Conference Committee Co-Chair is elected to a two-year term, the second year serving as International Conference...

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2015 Daejeon-Chungcheong November Symposium and Thanksgiving Dinner: Pre-Reg Now Open!

The DCC Symposium and Thanksgiving Dinner will once again be held at Woosong University in Daejeon.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Location: Woosong University (West Campus, Building W16), Daejeon

9am to 10am: Registration
9:45 to 10am: Opening Ceremony
10am to 5:40PM: Symposium
5:40PM: Closing Ceremony 

Turkey Dinner: 6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.


How to pre-register for the KOTESOL DCC Chapter Symposium and Thanksgiving Dinner...

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Call for Papers: KOTESOL Proceedings 2015

The KOTESOL Publications Committee is now accepting papers for KOTESOL Proceedings 2015. Submissions may be made by presenters at the 2015 KOTESOL International Conference and English Expo based on presentations made at the conference.

Submissions deadline is January 15, 2016.
General guidelines (as PDF file) and additional information can be found here:

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Cambridge Day XV

Cambridge Day XV

November 14th, 2015
Sookmyung Women's University


Brochure with more information link


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Photo Contest @ Conference

Archive copy.

Join us for a fun photo contest.

Capture the KOTESOL Conference in a picture!

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, what picture best describes the KOTESOL International Conference?

Korea TESOL will grant prizes to the two best images in the following two classifications:

    Web-media (any digital resolution is acceptable, including older phone cameras)
    Print-media (high resolution)

Bring your Camera!  See more details -

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Bylaws update

The KOTESOL Bylaws (not Constitution) were amended at the 2014 KOTESOL Annual Business Meeting, but somehow that amendment was never incorporated into the text.

It is now.  Bylaws Article X. Amendments.

These Bylaws may be amended by a three-fifths (3/5) majority majority vote of the members present at an ABM, provided that written notice of the proposed changes has been endorsed by at least five (5) members in good standing and has been distributed to all members at least thirty (30) days prior to the vote.

See the CURRENT Constitution and Bylaws at http://koreatesol...

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2014 ABM minutes (Draft) now online.

The DRAFT minutes from the KOTESOL 2014 Annual Business Meeting are now available. These should be examined, proposals made for revision, and then ratified at this years Anuual Business Meeting Sunday at 4:40pm. Find minutes at

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2015 International Conference Edition of KOTESOL News Sent

The 2015 International Conference edition of KOTESOL News was sent this morning (October 6, 2015) to 1,426 subscribers. This issue includes important information about the conference; if you're planning to attend, this is a must-read! Read it, share it, or subscribe here.

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Conf Book now online

The Full and Complete Conference Program Book (192 pages) is now available for Download!
(Large file, 15.5mb!)


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Sunday Service with Chuck Sandy at International Conference 2015

Join plenary speaker Chuck Sandy and the Christian Teachers SIG from 8:15 to 8:45 on Sunday morning in Room 322 for an ecumenical time of fellowship, prayer, reflection, and celebration.

There might also be some singing.

The service will be led by Chuck Sandy and is sponsored by the Christian Teachers SIG.

All are welcome.

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Major Speakers at International Conference Details

Complete information on all major speakers at the KOTESOL International Conference is now available from
with specific pages for each speaker (including photo, biographical sketch, and sessions abstracts) and a single PDF document with abstracts and session times.

A single list containing all session titles, presenters, times & rooms is available from

(all information subject to revsion)

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Conference Pre-Registration closes Sept 30

Quick Reminder:

You opportunity to save through pre-registration is available only through September 30th.

Don't delay
Register TODAY! for links to various types of registration.

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Conference Presentation List (Preliminary) Now Available

Subject to late revisions (prior to conference book publication).

Sorted by Presenter Surname.

Additional lists will follow in days to come.

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2015 Daejeon-Chungcheong Chapter Elections

Daejeon-Chungcehong Elections!  How would you like to be a member of our 2016 Executive Council?  Here's your chance!  Possible positions are: President, 1st VP, Daejeon 2nd VP, Cheongju 2nd VP, Cheonan 2nd VP, Secretary, Membership Coordinator, and 4 Members at Large (MAL). The position of Treasurer is also an elected position, however qualified candidates must have spent at least one full term on the chapter executive council.  A description of these positions can be found of pages 7-11 of our Governance Manual, located here:

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