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Updated: April 25, 2017

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2017 International ELT Events

  = KOTESOL Partner Assn.

April 2017

  IATEFL 2017
The 51st IATEFL Annual Conference & Exhibition

April 4-7, 2017; Glasgow, UK
Web: http://conference.iatefl.org/

ICLT 2017: The 3rd International Conference on Learning and Teaching
April 7-9, 2017; Jeju, Jeju Island, Korea
Web: http://www.iclt.org/

The 15th Annual International TESOL Conference
Convergence in TESOL
April 7-9, 2017; Clark, Pampanga, Philippines
Web: https://www.tesol.asia/15thconference/

iELT-CON 2017: The 8th PELLTA International English Language Teaching Conference
The 21st Century Classroom: ELT Practices & Innovations
April 19-21, 2017; George Town, Penang, Malaysia
Web: http://ieltcon.weebly.com/

OUP Professional Development Webinars
Giving Children More Agency in English Classes
April 20/21, 2017; Online
Web: https://elt.oup.com/events?cc=kr&selLanguage=ko&mode=hub

ICLEHI2017: The Sixth International Conference on Language, Education, Humanities and Innovation
April 22-23, 2017; Singapore
Web: http://icsai.org/iclehi6/

Cambridge English Webinars for Teachers Series
Teach with Digital: Using Digital Tools to Enrich Your Learners’ Vocabulary
April 24/26, 2017; Online
Website: HERE

Pearson ELT Webinar Series 2017
Language Learning: Seven Steps to Critical and Creative Thinking (Dr. Ken Beatty)
April 25, 2017; Online
Website: HERE

Pearson ELT Webinar Series 2017
Advance in Academic Writing: Effective Learning Through Integration, Review, and Consolidation of Key Skills
April 26, 2017; Online
Website: HERE

APLSP&PC: Asia-Pacific Language for Specific Purposes and Professional Communication Conference
Collaborating and Sharing Knowledge
April 26-28, 2017; Wellington, New Zealand
Web: https://www.eiseverywhere.com/ehome/aplsppc2017/home/

Cambridge English Webinars for Teachers Series
Using Authentic Practice Tests in the IELTS Classroom: Speaking
April 27, 2017; Online
Website: HERE

May 2017

KSAALT TESOL 10th Annual Conference
KSAALT TESOL@10: A Decade of Excellence and Innovation
May 5-6, 2017; Saudi Arabia
Web: http://www.ksaalt.org/new/ksaalt-tesol-2017/

Cambridge English Webinars for Teachers Series
Teach with Digital: Using Digital Tools to Improve Writing
May 8/10, 2017; Online

ACLL 2017
The Asian Conference on Language Learning 2017

Educating for Change
May 11-14, 2017; Kobe, Japan
Web: http://iafor.org/conferences/acll2017/

The Asian Conference on Technology in the Classroom 2017

May 11-14, 2017; Kobe, Japan
Web: http://iafor.org/conferences/actc2017/

JALT PanSIG 2017 Conference
Expand Your Interests
May 19-21, 2017: Akita Intl. University. Akita, Japan
Web: http://pansig.org/

The 3rd China EAP Association Annual Conference  
and the 2nd International Symposium on EAP in Asia

May 19-21, 2017; Wuhan, China
Web: http://www.ceapa.cn/d_en.asp?id=256

ICLEI 2017: The 7th International Conference on Language, Education and Innovation
May 20-21, 2017; Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Web: http://icsai.org/iclei7/

OUP Professional Development Webinars
Motivational Teaching: Engaging Young People in Learning Behaviours
May 26/26, 2017; Online
Web: https://elt.oup.com/events?cc=kr&selLanguage=ko&mode=hub

June 2017

CAES International Conference
Faces of English 2: Teaching and Researching Academic and Professional English
June 1-3, 2017; Hong Kong
Web: http://caes.hku.hk/facesofenglish2/

J-SLA 2017: The 17th Annual Conference of the Japan Second Language Association
June 3-4, 2017; Shizuoka Univ. of Art and Culture, Shizuoka, Japan
Web: http://www.j-sla.org/en/event/%E7%AC%AC17%E5%9B%9E%E5%B9%B4%E6%AC%A1%E5%...

The excitELT Conference 2017
Unchartered Territories
June 4, 2017; Rikkyo University, Tokyo, Japan
Web: https://www.excitelt.tokyo/

EDIC 6: The 6th International Conference on English, Discourse and Intercultural Communication
June 6-8 (Macao), June 9-10 (Urumqi), 2017; China
Web: http://edic.ipm.edu.mo/

Active Learning Through CALL
June 16-18, 2017; Shikoku, Japan
Web: http://conference2017.jaltcall.org/

OUP Professional Development Webinars
The Essentials of Lesson Planning
June 20/21, 2017; Online
Web: https://elt.oup.com/events?cc=kr&selLanguage=ko&mode=hub

AALA 4: The 4th Annual International Conference of the Asian Association for Language Assessment
Connecting Assessment with Teaching and Learning: Innovation and Impact
June 21-23, 2017; Taipei, Taiwan
Web: http://www.aalawebsite.com/conference-2017

DRAL 3/19th ESEA: Doing Research in Applied Linguistics 3 / 19th English in South-East Asia Conference 2017
June 22-24, 2017; Bangkok, Thailand
Web: http://sola.kmutt.ac.th/dral2017/

Global Negotiation Conference
Teaching Negotiation Skills in English
June 23-25, 2017; Kobe City University of Foreign Studies, Japan
Web: https://globalnegotiation.wordpress.com/

JUEMUN 2017: The 8th Annual International Japan University English Model United Nations
Women’s Empowerment and Its Link to Sustainable Development
June 23-25, 2017; Kobe City University of Foreign Studies, Japan
Web: https://juemun.org/juemun-2017/

Third International Conference on Linguistics and Language Studies
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Rod Ellis
June 29-30, 2017; Hong Kong
Web: http://iclls2017.wixsite.com/iclls-2017

The European Conference on Education 2017

June 30 - July 2, 2017; Brighton, UK
Web: http://iafor.org/conferences/ece2017/

The European Conference on Language Learning 2017

June 30 - July 2, 2017; Brighton, UK
Web: http://iafor.org/conferences/ecll2017/

July 2017

GEN TEFL 2017: The  2nd GEN TEFL International Conference
Rethinking ELT in the Age of Ubiquitous Technology
July 2-3, 3017; Bangkok, Thailand
Web: http://www.gentefl.org/gen-tefl-2017.html

AFMLTA2017: The 21st International Languages Conference of the Australian Federation of Modern Language Teachers Associations
Languages: Keys to Global Connections
July 6-8, 2017; Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Web: http://www.afmlta.asn.au/news/afmlta-21st-international-languages-confer...

The 15th Asia TEFL Intl. Conference & The 64th TEFLIN Intl. Conference

ELT in Asia in the Digital Era: Global Citizenship and Identity
July 13-15, 2017; Yogyakarta, Central Java, Indonesia
Web: http://asiatefl2017.uny.ac.id
Call for Presentations: July 3, 2016 - February 15, 2017

G-SLATE 2017: The 3rd International Conference on the Globalization of Second Language Acquisition and Teacher Education
July 30-31, 2017; Fukuoka, Japan
Web: http://intesda.org/globalization-second-language-acquisition-teacher-edu...

August 2017

The 4th World Congress on Extensive Reading
Pathways to Progress
August 4-7, 2017; Toyo Gakuen University, Tokyo, Japan
Web: http://erfoundation.org/erwc4/

2017 ICEL: The 2017 International Conference on Education and Learning
August 16-18, 2017; Tokyo, Japan
Web: http://icel2017.globalconf.org

ICEPL 2017: International Conference on Education, Psychology, and Learning
August 23-25, 2017; Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan
Web: http://science-techs.org/icepl/

1st International Conference on New Trends in English Language Teaching and Testing
Keynotes by Jack Richards, Roy Lyster
August 24, 2017; Dubai, UAE
Web: http://ntelt.com/

INCONELT: The International Conference on English Language Teaching
Innovative Language Learning and Teaching: Engaging Students, Empowering Educators
August 24-25, 2017; Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia
Web: http://iconelt.uinsby.ac.id/

8th ICLEI: The 8th International Conference on Language, Education, and Innovation
Unlocking Research Potentials
August 28-29, 2017; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Web: http://icsai.org/iclei8/

MELTA 2017: The 26th MELTA International Conference
New Directions in English Language Education:
Global Trends and Local Innovations

August 28-30, 2017; Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
Web: http://melta.org.my/

September 2017

GLoCALL 2017: Globalization and Localization in Computer-Assisted Language Learning
September 7-8, 2017; Universiti Teknologi Brunei, Brunei
Web: http://glocall.org

ICLLCE 2017: The 8th International Conference on Language, Literature, Culture and Education
September 19-29, 2017; Bali, Indonesia
Web: http://icllce8.icsai.org

October 2017

ELTLT: The 6th UNNES International Conference on English Language Teaching, Literature and Translation
Beyond 21st Century Education in ELT, Literature and Translation: Linking Theories to Contextualized Practices
October 7-8, 2017; Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia
Web: http://eltlt.org

ACE 2017
The Asian Conference on Education 2017

October 19-22, 2017; Kobe, Japan
Web: http://iafor.org/conferences/ace2017/

I-Collate: The 2nd International Conference On Literacy, Linguistics, and Language Teaching
Literacy in Linguistics and Language Education
October 20-21, 2017; Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Web: http://icollate2017.uny.ac.id

CELEA 2017: The 8th International Conference on English Language Teaching (ELT) in China
English Language Teaching in a Global World: New Perspectives, New Methodologies
October 20-22, 2017; Xi'an, China
Web: http://elt.celea.org.cn/2017/en/

The 33rd SPELT Internatilal Conference
Glocalisation - Think Global Act Local
October 28-29, 2017; Karachi, Pakistan
Web: http://www.spelt.org.pk/Conferences/

G-SLATE 2017: The INTESDA 3rd International Conference on the Globalization of Second Language Acquisition and Teacher Education
Breaking Barriers
October 30-31, 2017; Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Web: http://intesda.org/globalization-second-language-acquisition-teacher-edu...

November 2017

ICEEL 2017: International Conference on Education and E-Learning
November 2-4, 2017, Bangkok, Thailand
Web: http://www.iceel.org/

LLTC 2017: The Fourth International Language and Language Teaching Conference
Empowering Learner Autonomy
November 3-4, 2017; Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Website: http://lltcusd.com

ETA-ROC 2017
The 26th ETA International Symposium and Book Fair on English Teaching

How Well Is the 21st Century Living Up to Its Promises for ELT?
November 10-12, 2017; Taipei, Taiwan
Web: http://www.eta.org.tw/en/

APLX 2017 International Conference on Applied Linguistics
Transformation and Development: Language, Culture, Pedagogy, and Translation
November 16-17, 2017; Taipei Tech, Taipei, Taiwan
Web: https://aplx2017.wordpress.com/

JALT2017: The 43rd Annual International Conference on Language Teaching and Learning & Educational Materials Exhibition
Language Teaching in a Global Age: Shaping the Classroom, Shaping the World
November 17-20, 2017; Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan
Web: http://jalt.org/conference

UICELL 2017: The 1st UHAMKA International Conference on English Language Teaching (ELT) and Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL)
Shaping New Understandings of the Current Issues on ELT and CALL for Pursuing the Excellence of English Teaching and Learning
November 23-24, 2017; Jakarta, Indonesia
Web: http://uicell.uhamka.ac.id/index.php

December 2017

ICEL: The 29th International Conference on Teaching, Education & Learning
December 27-28, 2017; Bangkok, Thailand
Web: http://adtelweb.org/29th-international-conference-on-teaching-education-...

ㅡ 2018 ㅡ

The 14th Annual CamTESOL Conference on English Language Teaching

English Language Teaching in the Digital Era
February 10-11, 2018; Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Web: https://camtesol.org/Camtesol/2018%20Conference

MICFL 2018: Malaysia International Conference on Foreign Language
Foreign Language Studies in Tomorrow's Asia Pacific Region
March 7-8, 2018; Nilai, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia
Web: http://www.micfl2018.org/

TESOL 2018
TESOL International Convention & English Language Expo

The World Comes Together at TESOL Chicago 2018
March 27-30, 2018; Chicago, Illinois, USA
Web: http://www.tesol.org/attend-and-learn/international-convention

 Brighton 2018
The IATEFL International Conference and Exhibition

April 10-13, 2018; Brighton Center, Brighton, UK
Web: http://conference.iatefl.org/2018/

The 2018 Asia TEFL International Conference

June 27-29, 2018
University of Macau, Macau

 ACTA International Conference 2018
English Language Learning in a Mobile World
October 2-5, 2018; Adelaide, South Australia
Web: https://www.conveneit.com/secure/onsite/acta_2018/


* This calendar of International ELT Events (Overseas) is based on the best available information compiled from diverse sources. It focuses on events in the Asia-Pacific area, but includes additional events thought to be of particular interest to KOTESOL members.
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