KOTESOL Handbook

Publication Date: 
July 1, 1999

The KOTESOL Handbook
The KOTESOL Handbook was published in 1999 through the collective efforts of a team of authors and editors. The digital version is available above.

A project is underway to create a new version of the KOTESOL Handbook, headed by Stafford Lumsden.

KOTESOL Handbook Contents

1. The History of ELT in Korea                           1
Carl Dustheimer and Rodney Gillett

2. Professional Development                           13
Gina Crocetti

3. Understanding Korea                                   29
Dr. David Shaffer

4. Making the Adjustment                                43
M. Katherine MacKinnon

5. Classroom Management                              61
Andrew Jackson and Peter Kipp

6. Classroom Activities                                    83
Andrew Todd
Contributers: Andrew Todd, Troy Blappert,
Unju Blappert, Arnold Ho, Barry Shea,
and Lisa Grebinsky

Further Reading                                            131
Editor: Gina Crocetti, Tacoma, WA
Editorial Assistant: Robert J. Dickey, Kyongju, Korea
Back Cover Illustrator: Sharon K. Crocetti, Gig Harbor, WA
Copyright 1999 by KOTESOL. All rights reserved.