KOTESOL Elections Reminder

Nominations for KOTESOL elections are currently open, and the deadline for submitting applications is August 31, 2013.

May we remind you, those who joined or renewed their one-year memberships at last year's International Conference are NOT eligible to vote in this election unless they renew membership. (Memberships activated at one year's conference expire on September 30th of the following year). If you join/renew membership at the time you pre-register or on-site at the conference, you will be allowed to vote on-site.

See more at

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New Facebook page for News (KOTESOL syndication)

KOTESOL has a new Facebook page for news syndication.

Now it's easier to keep up with KOTESOL happenings. Major activities from the official website ( will be syndicated at

Like the page!

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Summer TEC is now online!

The summer issue of The English Connection is now online for members. Check out our feature article from Dr. Keith Folse, our key speaker from this year's national conference. We also have articles by Alex Walsh, James Hanson, Danny Graves, and many others. We are also introducing two new columns this month. Technically Speaking will focus on all the technical aspects of teaching. On our last page you will find TEC LOL, which will feature humorous stories from our adventures in teaching. We hope you enjoy these additions, and the issue itself!

May we remind that you must be logged...

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Daegu KOTESOL July Workshop Review

On the first Saturday of July, KOTESOL’s Daegu-Gyeongbuk chapter members were treated to not one but FOUR presenters: Kirsty Clausen, Anne Hendler, Chelsea Pyper, and Jeroen Root.

On the topic of ‘The Teacher as Counselor’, Kirsty Clausen led an interactive presentation that involved the audience in active discussion about the different roles we as teachers play in the language learning classroom. With a focus on the role of ‘counsellor’, Kirsty encouraged the audience to think critically about our dynamic roles as educators that promoted a variety of thoughts and feedback from the...

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Lost and Found: an old TEC!

As we anticipate the Summer issue of our quarterly newsmagazine - The English Connection - we'd like to whet your appetites with the issue from exactly ten years ago that had been missing from our online archives.  Newly found and uploaded!  Available at

Featured articles included

Learning English Pronunciation by Contrasting with Korean  (Kevin Landry) Why Do We Assess Students Anyways?  (Sang K. Hwang)

plus interesting columns such as

Word Whys: Why Isn't Enough "Enuff"? Professional...
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International Conference Invited Speaker's Abstracts Now Online!

Information on invited speakers and the abstracts for their plenary sessions, presentations, workshops and other invited sessions are now online. Find out how our invited speakers will be exploring the road less traveled and looking at going from practice to theory (and possibly back again!)

Invited speaker bios are here.

Session Abstracts are here.

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Conference Pre-registration extended to Oct 3

Pre-registration period for the International Conference has been extended to Oct 3 (Thursday, a holiday).

Individual Registration:

Groups (5 or more) Registration:

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The BaRley Bowl Preyers : Jeju Chapter Members

The annual Jeju Furey Beach Volleyball Tournament was held on the 25th and 26th of May 2013 at Hamdeok Beach, Jeju Island. The Jeju Chapter was proud to contribute towards the sponsorship of team t-shirts for The BaRley Bowl Preyers: Ms Kendra Pugh, Ms Erin Pettinger, Ms Erin Williams (Jeju Chapter Vice President), Mr Jason Hiltz, Mr Harold Dale and Mr Bradley Ingram.

Early Saturday morning, the team arrived at Hamdoek Beach to strategize their game plan over a breakfast of Egg McMuffins and freshly brewed coffee. The team’s captain, Ms Kendra Pugh,...

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March Meet-Up

On Saturday 9th March, the Jeju Chapter had a lunch meet up at Harry's Pub in Jeju City. We welcomed two new faces to the fold, Hanna Baek and Jessica Bennett and bade farewell to our Publicity Co-chairs, Jessie Dishaw and Cynthia Loiselle, the publicicity role will be undertaken by Alexis Oesterle, Membership & Publicity Officer.  Over  burgers and fries, members voted on the Jeju Chapter logo,chatted about the upcoming April 6workhsop with the esteemed Sara Davila and ways to increase our membership.

  Whilst we were reluctant to say farewell to Jessie and Cynthia, accolades were...
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National Council Meeting - changed date

Dear members - please take note that the National Council will now be meeting on the 29th of June, 2013, at 11 am, in Daegu, instead of the 6th of July.

All members of KOTESOL are free to attend these meetings.

The Daegu venue directions can be accessed on their chapter page.

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Daegu KOTESOL June Workshop Review

At the June Daegu-Gyeongbuk KOTESOL chapter meeting, we were treated to numerous tips and strategies to support our learners preparing for the National English Ability Test (NEAT) by Stephen Lamb. With over eight years of experience spent mostly in the public secondary school context, Stephen brought his experience and TESOL background to bear on the issue of preparing students of all ability levels to achieve better scores on the NEAT – particularly on the productive skills of speaking and writing.   Stephen started by acknowledging some of the potential issues with published guides...
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New Reading Group Launched for Summer!

The Professional Development SIG (special interest group) is pleased to announce our first study group. This will be a reading group. Other types of study groups, including a Portfolio Development self-help discussion group, will be launched shortly.   The first reading group will undertake Richards, Jack C. & Thomas S.C. Farrell (2005). Professional Development for Language Teachers: Strategies for Teacher Learning. Cambridge University Press.   The Preliminary schedule for the group is:   Jan 10-20. Acquire books. Read Chapter 1 (The nature of teacher education).   See more about the...
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Gyonggi-Yongin Chapter Officers

From June 3, 2013 until June 8, 2013, Yongin chapter members voted for their chapter officers through Survey Monkey and in the Saturday workshop at Kangnam University in Yongin.

Here are the results:

President: David Kim

First Vice-President: Robert Kim

Second Vice-President: Martin Todd

Treasurer: Sean O' Connor

Secretary: Doria Garms-Sotelo

On behalf of the chapter, the officers will work very hard to assist our members and KOTESOL to provide outstanding professional development and networking for a whole range of English teachers who are...

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Official Site for the June 8, 2013 Yongin Chapter Workshop and Post Workshop Barbecue

The June 8, 2013 Yongin Chapter Workshop, Memorable Vocabulary Teaching and Learning, which will be presented by Jessica Magnusson,  will be held in the Insakwon Building in Room 219 at Kangnam University in Yongin from 1PM to 3PM. Also, after the workshop there will be a barbecue as advertised from the Yongin Chapter flyers!

We look forward to see you this Saturday!

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International Conference Call for Proposals EXTENDED

The deadline for proposals to present at the 2013 KoreaTESOL International Conference has been extended!

Submissions are now due 23 June 2013.

Information on submitting a proposal and the submission form can be found here:

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2013 International Conference Registration Fees Announced

Registration fees for the 2013 KoreaTESOL International Conference (12-13 October 2013) are as follows:


40,000 Members
50,000 Presenters
65,000 Non-members
25,000 Students (undergraduates only)
55,000 Group (5 or more; non-members)

Onsite Registration

50,000 Members
75,000 Non-members
30,000 Students (undergraduates only)

Information on pre-registration etc. to follow

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nc2013 Program Book available

The full-version program book -- the same document you receive at KOTESOL's National Conference in Cheongju May 25 2013 -- is now available online.

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2013 National Conference Pre-registration

Pre-registration for this year's National Conference is now CLOSED!  We are hosting the conference at Korea National University of Education.  Information about the conference can be found here: . 

  See you there!  
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Daegu KOTESOL May Workshop Review

On Saturday, May 4th Professor Grace Wang of Yonsei University presented seven principles for motivating shy learners. Six were from "Learning to listen; Learning to teach" by Jane Vella and the seventh comes via HD Brown. These principles involve facilitating:

safety (trust) a sound relationship (rapport) using sequence and reinforcement  immediacy (based on learner needs and wishes and making sure they understand the purpose of the activity) teamwork (trust and accountability) development of intrinsic motivation (built through reflective writing) where the role of the teacher is more...
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Official Site of Saturday's, May 11, 2013 Gyonggi-Yongin Chapter Workshop

This Staurday's Gyeonggi-Yongin Chapter workshop Understanding Teenagers, which will be presented by Leonie Overbeek, will be held in the Insakwon Building in Room 219 at Kangnam University in Yongin from 1PM to 3PM.

We look forward to seeing you this Saturday!

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Bus Trip to the 2013 National Conference

The 2013 National Conference is fast approaching! The Daejeon-Chungcheong Chapter is hosting the conference at Korea National University of Education on May 25. We will be renting a bus to transport conference attendees to and from the conference. THERE IS NO FEE FOR THE BUS TRIP! The bus will pick up members at Daejeon Station's back entrance at 07:45. It will then travel to Woosong University (우송공대정문으로 가주세요) where members can board at 08:00. The estimated duration of the trip will be one hour. We should arrive at KNUE at 09:00, just in time for registration. 
Fill out the form...

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More Information About Subway and Yongin Everline Train Access to Kangnam University

The newly arrived Yongin Everline Train is now open and has access with a station at Kangnam University.

If you are traveling from within Yongin, it is even ideal if you choose not to take a bus to Kangnam University. From any station within the train line, you can get off at the Kangnam University Station and get off at exit 1 or exit 2 If you are traveling from Seongnam, Bundang, Suwon, and Seoul, you can take the yellow Bundang Subway line and get off at Giheung Station. Then go to exit 4 and take the Yongin Everline Train. The very next stop is the Kangnam University Station, where...
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International Prize for Unpublished Literature Open: Proverse

Interested in being published in literature? The Proverse Prize for literature may be of interest to you.

The international Proverse Prize for unpublished fiction, non-fiction and poetry (founded by Verner & Gillian Bickley, co-founders of the publishing house Proverse Hong Kong) is already open for entry for the 2013 competition. The Entry Documents are available below. This may be an opportunity of interest to English teachers,  their students, their colleagues or friends.
As Prize Administrators and Publishers, Proverse remains independent, with a focus on...

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Invitation to Contribute: new KOTESOL Handbook 2013

In 1999 KOTESOL published a collection of information on living and working in Korea as well as practical ideas for teachers in Korean classrooms. The original version can be found here:

KOTESOL is very happy to announce that it is updating the handbook and eliciting submissions from members.

What we need
Ideas! We invite members to submit

Lesson plans Creative tasks (Young Learners especially) Communicative tasks (University / Adult) Problem solving tasks (all ages) Anecdotes on teaching in Korea Artwork...
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Research Collaboration Request Form

If you are interested in collaborating on a research project, either locally in South Korea or with other international members, please use the attached template for your request.

Also included is a list of various international TESL organizations that are also willing to participate in research collaboration and the respective contact methods.  

The most active boards for our members is on Facebook. At of the time of this post, there were over 1500 people in the group. Should you not have a Facebook account, please email me your completed template and I would be happy to...

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KOTESOL Research Grants available

KOTESOL is proud to support the efforts of its members by offering two types of research grants through the Research Committee.

This year, we will offer up to four “Research Paper Grants,” and up to five “Conference Presentation Grants.”

a. Research Paper Grants

Research Paper Grants are offered for the purpose of stimulating new research, especially by beginning researchers, of high quality and worthy of appearing in the Korea TESOL Journal. For 2013, funds are available for four research paper grants of up to 500,000 won each for independent research. (This grant includes...

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Official Site of Saturday's, April 13, 2012 Gyonggi-Yongin Chapter Workshop

This Saturday's classroom management, which will be hosted by Amanda Maitland, will be held in the Insakwon Building in Room 219 from 1PM to 3PM at Kangnam University.

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Daegu KOTESOL April Workshop Review

Another ‘first Saturday of the month’ Daegu-Gyeongbuk KOTESOL workshop has come and gone with a super-hero, action-packed presentation by Amanda Maitland of Chonbuk National University, Jeonju. Director of TESOL Teacher-Training and Education, Amanda Maitland demonstrated how learning through play can develop a dialogue between the teacher and student that can fuel creative thought, raising students’ self-esteem, encouraging a greater complexity of thought and triggering discussions of morality and the general level of communicative ability in the classroom. Slides from her presentation...

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TESOL ERSIG and the Seoul 2013 World Congress in Extensive Reading

The event of the year in Korea for extensive reading will be the Seoul 2013 World Congress in Extensive Reading. It will be held in Yonsei University September 13-15th and is being hosted by KEERA and KAFLE.

The KOTESOL ERSIG is currently exploring ways to have a role in the event. Some tentative plans include:

Hosting a presentation Staffing a booth to promote the ERSIG Working with publishers on a 'book-look' event to promote the practice of ER with parents and their children.

We are open to ideas and, as always, people willing to volunteer a little time to help us with our...

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Various Travel Routes to the Saturday, April 13, 2013 Gyonggi-Yongin Workshop at Kangnam University

For those of you who are attending this coming Saturday's Gyonggi-Yongin workshop at Kangnam University, there are multiple ways you can get to Kangnam University.

From Suwon Station, go from exit 1 or exit 2, take bus 66 or 66-4 from Suwon Station Bus Stop 1 or bus 10 from Suwon Station Stop 2. Please arrive between 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM at the station area.

From Yongin Bus Station, there are the following buses that you can take from Icheon (Bus 12), Anseong (Bus 11), and Gwangju (Gyonggido) (Bus 9). Then take bus 10 to Kangnam University Entrance or a cab to the front...

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