Call for Presentations: Gwangju Conference

Gwangju-Jeonnam Chapter Regional Conference

Theme: Stepping Up in an Increasingly Connected World
March 11, 2017 at Gwangju National University of Education
CALL for PRESENTATION Proposal ㅡ Deadline: February 5th.

For more details:

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Gwangju-Jeonnam Holds Chapter Elections

The following candidates were duly elected at the November 12th Gwangju-Jeonnam Chapter's annual elections with Elections Officer Bryan Hale presiding.

--- President: William Mulligan
--- Vice-President: David Shaffer
--- Treasurer: Lindsay Herron

The term of office is one year (i.e., until the end of the meeting where elections are held next fall). 

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KOTESOL Participating in ALAK-GETA Intl. Conference

This year's ALAK-GETA Joint International Conference is giving discounted pre-registration to all KOTESOL members who attend. The conference will be held on September 9-11 at Honam University in Gwangju. Saturday the 10th is the main day of presentations.

The conference theme is "ELT and Applied Linguistics in a Globalizing Asia: Opportunities and Challenges." An appropriate theme for the Applied Linguistics Association of Korea (ALAK) and the Global English Teachers Association (GETA).

A section of the conference is set off for Gwangju Chapter presentations and a featured...

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Gwangju Conference Registration Is Now OPEN

We hope you are planning to come to the Gwangju-Jeonnam Chapter KOTESOL Conference. Pre-registration online is open February 25 through March 9. Pre-register now. To begin, just click HERE.

Theme: SERVICE – A Tradition in Teaching
Plenary Speaker: Robert Dickey, JD: Service – A Hallmark of Professionalism
About 20 presentations (4 by overseas presenters).
Four Strands
-- Service
-- Social Justice
-- General
-- General / Research

Start your semester off with some first rate professional development.
Start your KOTESOL year off...

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Gwangju-Jeonnam Conference 2016 Call for Presentations

Gwangju-Jeonnam KOTESOL Regional Conference

Gwangju National University of Education
March 12, 2016


Theme: Service -- A Tradition in Teaching

The conference theme was selected to highlight the work that EFL educators do not only at the chalkface, but beyond the classroom -- work that propels organizations like KOTESOL and Gwangju-Jeonnam Chapter; work that facilitates professional development for one's colleagues through conferences, symposia, workshops, and SIG meetings; work that ultimately contributes to the EFL educator's own...

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Gwangju-Jeonnam Officers Elected for 2015-16

Chapter elections were held at Gwangju-Jeonnam KOTESOL for their three elective officers. Those elected to lead the Chapter in the coming year are as follows:

President: Dr. David Shaffer
Vice President: William Mulligan
Treasurer: Lindsay Herron

Additional Chapter officers shall be appointed soon to assist in the guidance of the Chapter in the many tasks lying ahead in the coming year.

Photo (from left): David Shaffer, Lindsay Herron, William Mulligan.

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Gwangju-Jeonnam Conference Call for Presentations

Gwangju-Jeonnam KOTESOL Regional Conference

Chosun University, Gwangju
March 14, 2015


Theme: A Journey in Professional Development

The conference theme was selected to suggest the kaleidoscopic set of events, phases, and progressions that an EFL educator experiences: from attending conferences and workshops, to in-the-classroom experiences, to networking, to academic education and research, and to teaching learners and teachers. Everything EFL that an educator does contributes in some manner to their professional develompment.


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Gwangju-Jeonnam Selects Officers for 2014-15

The Gwangju-Jeonnam Chapter holds its annual elections for chapter president, vice-president, and treasurer each year at its November chapter meeting. An elections officer, Billie Kang (past chapter vice-president), was selected to conduct this year’s elections as set out in the Chapter’s policies and procedures. Elections were held at the Chapter’s November 8 meeting at Chosun University, and the results are as follows:

President: Dr. David Shaffer
Vice-President: Maria Neliza Lumantao
Treasurer: Lindsay Herron

The elected officers affirmed their intention to...

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Mokpo-Muan Area to Get Outreach Workshops

The Gwangju-Jeonnam Chapter is going on the road to the Mokpo-Muan area with a quintet of ELT presentations for professional development. Holding an outreach event in Muan County has become an annual event for the Chapter. The outreach workshops will be held again this year at Mokpo National University with Jocelyn Wright as site coordinator.

The five presentations will be held over three hours and cover a range of ELT topics. Dr. David Shaffer will be revealing numerous misconceptions commonly held about language learning and teaching. Billie Kang will be explaining how to create a...

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Gwangju-Jeonnam KOTESOL Conference Coming Soon

Gwangju-Jeonnam KOTESOL Spring Conference

Theme: Addressing the Multifaceted World of ELT
Date: March 15, 2014 (Saturday).
Location: Chosun University Main Building, North/Left Wing

10:30-11:50 Pre-Conference Workshop Sessions (Concurrent; No Admission Charge)
--- Workshop on Getting Started in Research
Joanne McCuaig (KOTESOL Research Comm. Chair)
--- Reflective Practice Workshop on Assessment
Brian Raisbeck (KOTESOL Reflective Practice SIG)

- - - - Lunch - - -   (Make your own arrangements. Campus student cafeteria open.)


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Gwangju-Jeonnam Chapter Selects 2013-14 Officers

Gwangju-Jeonnam Chapter of KOTESOL held its annual elections on November 9, 2013. The elected and appointed officers for the 2013-14 term are as follows:

Dr. David E. Shaffer
Chosun University

Vice President
Maria Neliza "Ynell" Lumantao
Chonnam National University

Lindsay Herron
Gwangju National University of Education

Membership Coordinator
Henry Gerlits
Jeollanam-do Educational Training Institute

Membership Coordinator
Amanda Serrano
Gwangju Office of Education / Yongbong...

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International Prize for Unpublished Literature Open: Proverse

Interested in being published in literature? The Proverse Prize for literature may be of interest to you.

The international Proverse Prize for unpublished fiction, non-fiction and poetry (founded by Verner & Gillian Bickley, co-founders of the publishing house Proverse Hong Kong) is already open for entry for the 2013 competition. The Entry Documents are available below. This may be an opportunity of interest to English teachers,  their students, their colleagues or friends.
As Prize Administrators and Publishers, Proverse remains independent, with a focus on...

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Extensive Reading Competition

If you are interested in having your students from elementary through high school become more interested in or more involved in Extensive Reading (ER), here is an English Extensive Reading competition for them to take part in -- The 2012 KEERA Graded Reader Review Competition.
  Awards will be given in four categories to the students who can write the best review of a graded reader either fiction or non-fiction. An individual Award will be given to the writer of the best review in each category and the main Award (sets of graded readers) going to the winner's school.


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KOTESOL Judge for China English Competition: David Shaffer

It was my first trip to the south-central region of China, and it would be my first time to serve as a judge of an English speaking contest in China. When I landed in Kunming, the venue city proved to be as beautiful as I had heard it was. Knowing that the event was organized by the China Daily and 21st Century English Education Media, I also had high expectations of the Seventeenth China Daily “21st Century Cup” National English Speaking Competition. I felt gratitude toward 21st Century and China Daily for asking KOTESOL to send a competition judge and thankful that KOTESOL selected me....

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