Gwangju-Jeonnam Conference Call for Presentations

Gwangju-Jeonnam KOTESOL Regional Conference

Chosun University, Gwangju
March 14, 2015


Theme: A Journey in Professional Development

The conference theme was selected to suggest the kaleidoscopic set of events, phases, and progressions that an EFL educator experiences: from attending conferences and workshops, to in-the-classroom experiences, to networking, to academic education and research, and to teaching learners and teachers. Everything EFL that an educator does contributes in some manner to their professional develompment.

Presentation Types

Research: Presentations based on scholarly research and containing method, results, discussion, conclusions, recommendations, etc. (20 minutes preferred).
Non-research: Lecture-style presentations providing information and/or addressing issues is EFL.
Workshop: Presentations in which a considerable amount of audience interaction is included.
Demonstration: Presentations in which the audience is shown a teaching technique or how to deal with a situation, and which may include audience involvement.

Presentation Length: 20 min. or 45 min. (Both time options available for each presentation type.)
Submission Deadline: January 31, 2015       
Abstract: 200-250 words. The abstract should focus on what will be presented, how it will be presented, and who the target audience is. (Appeal to a wide range of teaching contexts is prefered.)
Bio-data: 100-150 words. The biographical sketch should focus on the presenter's education in TESOL, experience in Korean ELT, and presentation experience.

Send presentation proposals to: (Dr. David Shaffer)