Mokpo-Muan Area to Get Outreach Workshops

The Gwangju-Jeonnam Chapter is going on the road to the Mokpo-Muan area with a quintet of ELT presentations for professional development. Holding an outreach event in Muan County has become an annual event for the Chapter. The outreach workshops will be held again this year at Mokpo National University with Jocelyn Wright as site coordinator.

The five presentations will be held over three hours and cover a range of ELT topics. Dr. David Shaffer will be revealing numerous misconceptions commonly held about language learning and teaching. Billie Kang will be explaining how to create a successful recipe for a well-balanced lesson. In the same time slot, Jocelyn Wright will be focusing on giving instructions employing The Johari Window. Next, Henry Gerlits will show how to make reading a very active and engaging activity. In the concurrent session, Lindsay Herron describes how to take the teacher out of the center of the classroom and make classes more student-centered.

A new addition this year is a 30-minute networking and socializing session slipped in between the first and second presentation slots. It will give attendees an opportunity to get to know each other, to get to know about each other's teaching situations, and to learn of each other's professional interests, needs, and research.

Details of the afternoon program can be found in a PDF file at the bottom of this web page and at:
Directions and bus routes to the venue can be found at:
No admission fee for members or non-members.
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