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Players In The Classroom

A post by Peadar Callaghan

A Multi-player online (MMO) game is very similar to a modern day classroom. They are both created environments with different ways to interact with material that is being supplied, either by the teacher (in the case of the classroom) or the server (in an MMO). They encourage both social interaction and individual work. The system is made up of many different individuals with different motivations goals and preferences for their style of interaction.

So what type of people would you expect to find in an online game?

In 1996 Richard Bartle put...

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Back To School EdTech

Guest Post by Paul Lawley-Jones

For the majority of teachers in Korea it’s back to school on Monday 1st September.

Going through many teachers’ minds is “How can I engage my students? What new things can I do? What tools can I use to help me achieve that?”

In this article I’m going to give a brief overview of some tools I’ve used in the past, am going to use this semester, and some alternatives that I haven’t used that you may want to look at, too.

Student Communication

Google Communities

This semester I’m going to require my students to set up Google...

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