Major Speakers & Session Titles at KOTESOL International Conference 2015

Archive Copy.

(Links take you to the session details and biographical sketch for each speaker.)

Plenary Speakers

Chuck Sandy

  • Opening Plenary Session
    Seeing Beyond the Dichotomies That Divide Us 
  • Invited Second Session 1 
    This Is Just to Tell You … (About Poetry, Projects, and Passion)
  • Invited Second Session 2
    The ELT Writer’s Retreat: A Workshop Approach 
  • Invited Session (with Josette Leblanc)
    Listen to the Teacher Within (and Unleash Your Superpowers)

Robert S. Murphy

  • Sunday Plenary Session
    Neuroscientific Benefits of Inquiry-Based Learning
  • Invited Second Session
    Why You Should Know About Dynamic Skill Theory!

Featured Speakers

Curtis Kelly

  • Featured Session
    Adopting Inquiry-Based Learning Pedagogies into ELT 
  • Invited Second Session
    Why Our Brains Like Stories

Boyoung Lee (이보영)

  • Featured Session
    English Education in Korea, Now and Onward
  • Invited Second Session
    The Future of English Education in Korea (at the elementary and secondary levels)
  • Special Session
    Tea Time with Lee Boyoung

Glenn Stockwell

  • Featured Session
    Transforming Language Teaching and Learning with Technology
  • Invited Second Session
    Principles of Mobile Language Learning

Jon Nordmeyer

  • Featured Session
    Differentiating Time, Task and Texts: Building on Learners' Strengths

Sara Davila

  • Featured Session
    Bring the 21st Century into the English Language Classroom
  • Invited Second Session
    Assessment as a Motivator: The Global Scale of English Learning Objectives for Academic English 

Barbara Hoskins Sakamoto

  • Featured Session  (IATEFL YLT SIG)
    Creative Teaching for 21st Century Learners
  • Invited Second Session
    The Lives of English Language Teachers

Kalyan Chattopadhyay

  • Featured Session  (IATEFL YLT SIG)
    Critical Language Awareness in Teacher Learning

David Valente

  • Featured Session (IATEFL YLT SIG)
    An Intercultural Approach to Creativity in the Primary English Classroom
  • Invited Second Session
    Doing Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Primary English Language Programs

Ken Beatty & Craig Lambert

  • Featured Session (via Webcast)
    Education in Flux: Using Tasks to Your Advantage Online and in the L2 Classroom


Invited Speakers

Virginia Parker

  • Invited Session (IATEFL YLT SIG)
    Teenagers: Why Are They Like That? And What Can I Do About It?

Anna Loseva

  • Invited Session (IATEFL YLT SIG)
    Exploring World Cultures, Learning More About Your Own

Steve Iams

  • Invited Session
    Story Slam: The Potential of Performed Stories in ELT   


Composite listing of Plenary-Featured-Invited Sessions, with times and abstracts, is available here or see link below).