Celebrate Spring with TEC – The English Connection's Spring Issue Is Online

As the new buds blossom and bloom on spring-time branches, The English Connection springs similarly forth with a fresh-smelling posy of articles on teaching TESOL in Korea, just for you. (Log in to access the Spring issue HERE.)

Three articles focus on teaching writing: one on teaching English through poetry, by Michael Free and Yuri Angie White; another is the book review about academic written English, contributed by Angela Guanying Wu; and our lead feature is on the art of keeping writing students happily motivated via their decisions and choices, by Tim Self.

For most of the rest of us, we present two more features. The first is on teaching conversation English, wherein Andrew White encourages us to consider introducing an important and often overlooked aspect of spoken language: an appreciation for, and accurate use of discourse markers. Last but not least, Karl Hedberg and Paul D. Tanner offer best practice hints to attain and maintain the university job of your dreams.

Finally, Michael Free is not just a contributing poetry teacher, he is also the subject of this issue's "KOTESOL People" interview. Read all about how the sound of music led him to the hills of Gangwondo, and soon, to national domination! Read it all HERE. (Remember to log in first; presently available to members only.)