The English Connection (TECv20n1) Spring 2016

Publication Date: 
March 1, 2016

The English Connection (TECv20n1) Spring 2016

TEC 20-1 (Spring 2016)

Contents include:

Editorial — by Julian Warmington
President’s Message — by Lindsay Herron

Topics, Choices, and Motivation in the Writing Class
— by Tim Self
Experiential Advice for Improving Job Prospects
— by Karl Hedberg and Paul D. Tanner
Creative Writing with Sijo
— by Michael Free and Yuri Angie White
So, What Are Discourse Markers, Anyway?!
— by Andrew White

Contemplative Practice: From "Letting Go" To "Letting Come"
— by Thomas S.C. Farrell
KOTESOL People: Introducing Michael Free
— by Julian Warmington
Course Review: My Macquarie University Experience
— by Eric Fileta
Book Review: Academic Written English
— by Angela Guanying Wu

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