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E-2 Visas -- Eligibility & Enforcement

There has been a lot of confusion over the E-2 visa (language teacher) and what it allows.

Recent newspaper articles have highlighted foreign teachers given deportation orders from schools without the proper Korean license, and there are reports on Facebook of teachers in after-school programs also being deported due to improper placements: working at locations not reported on their visa, or receiving payments from an organization or individual who is not their visa sponsor. The same has happened in the past when hagwons “second” their employees to other venues, such as business...

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Adding Content to Language - Presenting Text!

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There's more to English than the nuts and bolts of the language. As with any language, it's meaningful only in context.

Unless you are dedicated to strict-translation or the grammar-translation or audio-lingual methods, you probably use content in your language lessons. Beyond the materials offered by the textbook, where can we go? Here I'll offer an amazingly useful topic area, and provide links to useful resources.

Topic:  Business Communications: How to format your paper for "western" audiences.

Far too often lower-skilled English language...

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