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1. Thomas S. C. Farrell - Plenary Speaker (IC2013)

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Thomas S.C. Farrell is Professor of Applied Linguistics at Brock University, Canada. His professional interests include Reflective Practice, and Language Teacher Education and Development. He has been a language teacher and language teacher educator since 1978 and has worked in Korea, Singapore, and Canada. Professor Farrell has published widely in academic journals and has presented at major conferences worldwide on the topic of Reflective Practice. He is series editor for TESOL’s (USA) Language Teacher Research six volume series [2006-2009] and TESOL’s series English...

2. Dick Allwright - Plenary Speaker (IC2013)

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Dick Allwright is one of the most influential applied linguists in the field. His main areas of interest bridge theoretical and practical concerns in the area of language education. An early enthusiast for observational classroom research, Dr. Allwright is more recently the originator of the innovative and increasingly influential pedagogical movement called Exploratory Practice (EP). His work has always been closely connected to the actual language classroom and has probed the intricacies of interaction, relationships of control, and the interface between teaching and...

3. Graham Crookes - Plenary Speaker (IC2013)

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Graham Crookes is Professor, and presently Chair, of the Department of Second Language Studies, University of Hawai'i at Manoa. His specialties include the methodology of second language teaching and teacher development (including practice teaching supervision and more recently, philosophy of teaching). Besides teaching regular graduate and undergraduate courses for the Department of SLS, Dr. Crookes has conducted courses and workshops for teachers, especially on teaching methodology, action research, and critical pedagogy, in a variety of settings around the world, including...

4. Willy A. Renandya - Featured Speaker (IC2013)

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Willy A. Renandya is a Senior Lecturer at the ELL Department, National Institute of Education, Singapore. Prior to his current  position, he taught at SEAMEO RELC, Singapore, where he also served as Head of the Department of Language Education and Research. He has taught in many parts of Asia, including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam. He is a frequent speaker at language conferences in the Asian region.

He holds an MA in TESL and a PhD in Educational Psychology. His teaching and research interests include second and foreign language...

5. Lillian Wong - Featured Speaker (IC2013)

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Lillian L. C. Wong has a doctorate in applied linguistics and is a Senior Lecturer in the Centre for Applied English Studies at the University of Hong Kong, where she coordinates the Graduate School English Programme and teaches English for academic and specific purposes, and information technology in language teaching and learning. Dr. Wong’s research interests include teacher professional development, e-portfolios for language learning, innovation and change in language education, sociolinguistics, language education planning and policy, autonomous learning, learning...

6. Jihyeon Jeon - Featured Speaker (IC2013)

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Jihyeon Jeon is currently serves as Chair of the Dept. of International Office Administration, School of Business, Ewha Woman’s University, Seoul. She has provided an integrated view on language teaching in numerous articles and presentations. Dr. Jeon’s keen interest comes from her diverse background, studying post-modern philosophy, and second language and culture education; working in EFL education and KFL education; teaching English majors and Business majors; serving as a Secretary General for KATE (within Korea) and Asia TEFL (internationally); and experiencing EFL...

7. Gabriel Diaz Maggioli - Featured Speaker (IC2013)

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Gabriel Diaz Maggioli is a teacher who applies the lessons learned in the classroom to his roles as educational administrator, teacher educator and writer. He is currently the Dean of the School of Language Learning and Teaching, at The New School, a progressive university in New York, founded by John Dewey in 1919. There, he also directs the MA in TESOL program in which he teaches the Methods and Learner Assessment courses.Gabriel’s main research interest is the elaboration of a viable pedagogy for teacher education. His most recent publication,  Teaching Language Teachers:...

8. Curtis Kelly - Featured Speaker (IC2013)

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Curtis Kelly (EdD), is a popular speaker and writer as well as Professor of English at Kansai University in Japan. He has spent most of his life developing learner-centered approaches for “3L” English students, students with low ability, low confidence, and low motivation. Dr. Kelly believes that learners should be pulled into English study rather than pushed. He has written over 30 books, including Significant Scribbles (Longman), Active Skills for Communication (Cengage), and Writing from Within (Cambridge). He has also made over 300 presentations on adult education,...

9. Sue Garton - Featured Speaker (IC2013)

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Sue Garton is a Senior Lecturer in TESOL and Director of Postgraduate Programmes in English at Aston University, Birmingham, UK, where she is involved in the training and development of teachers from around the world. She has written and edited books and articles for teachers including From Experience to Knowledge in ELT with Julian Edge in Oxford’s Handbooks for Language Teachers series and Professional Encounters in TESOL with Keith Richards . She is series editor, with Keith Richards, of Palgrave’s new series of books for teachers, called International Perspectives on ELT...

10. Jun Liu - Featured Speaker (IC2013)

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Jun Liu is a TESOL Professor for Anaheim University, as well as Associate Provost for International Initiatives, Senior International Officer, and Professor of Applied Linguistics at Georgia State University. He is a Presidential Fellow (2012-13) and member of the Professional Development Committee for AIEA. Dr. Liu has served as Past President of TESOL International, VP of ISCLT (International Society of Chinese Language Teaching), Senior Advisor for Hanban (Office of the Chinese Language Council International), and Director of the Confucius Institute / Assistant Vice...

11. William Littlewood - Featured Speaker (IC2013)

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Bill Littlewood worked for several years in secondary schools and teacher education in the UK, where he was also a member of several professional committees for modern language teaching and was elected President of the British Association for Language Teaching. He was also involved in Council of Europe projects. Since coming to Hong Kong in 1991 to join an EFL curriculum project, he has worked at tertiary institutions and is currently Honorary Professor at the Hong Kong Baptist University. Prof. Littlewood has served on several government committees in Hong Kong, including...

12. Annamaria Pinter - Featured Speaker (IC2013)

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Annamaria Pinter was trained as an English language teacher in Hungary at the Eotvos Lorand University in Budapest after studying linguistics and literature. She worked in Hungary for a number of years in a variety of contexts, including state primary and secondary schools, International House (IH) language schools and in a pre-service teacher training college. She completed her Masters and my PhD in ELT/Applied Linguistics at the Centre for Applied Linguistics at the University of Warwick, and is now an Associate Professor at the Centre, teaching on the Masters in ELT and...

13. Beverley Burkett - Featured Speaker (IC2013)

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Beverley Burkett was head of the Language in Education Unit at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in South Africa from 1985 to 2007 and, for four years, a visiting professor at the SIT Graduate Institute in the USA. Her areas of expertise include designing, managing, and teaching professional development courses and programs for both in-service and pre-service language teachers, teaching content through the medium of English and  multilingual education. Prof. Burkett is co-author of a textbook series for English language learners: Keys to English as well as a chapter...

14. Charles Browne - Featured Speaker (IC2013)

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Charles Browne is Professor of Applied Linguistics and head of the EFL teacher training program at Meiji Gakuin University in Japan, and a well-known expert on English education in Asia. He received his Ed.D. from Temple University and is a specialist in CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning) and Second Language Vocabulary Acquisition. Over the past 25 years that he has worked in Japan, Dr. Browne has published dozens of research articles and books, including “New Perspectives in CALL for Second Language Classrooms” (2004; co-edited with Sandra Fotos), and has authored a...

15. Featured Colloquium - Anaheim University (IC2013)

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Rod Ellis - Host
Jun Liu - in person
Denise Murray & Andy Curtis- via Webcam

Rod Ellis 

Anaheim University Vice-President of Academic Affairs & Dean, Graduate School of Education

Dr. Rod Ellis is a world-renowned thought leader in the field of Second Language Acquisition. Prof. Ellis, who is Vice-President of Academic Affairs, Dean of Anaheim University's Graduate School of Education and Designer of AU's Online Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in TESOL, has been a TESOL Professor for the Graduate School of Education since 1998. He received...

16. IATEFL Young Learners & Teenagers Special Interest Group (SIG) (IC2013)

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Hans Mol has worked as a teacher, teacher trainer, director of studies, producer, and author. He is coordinator of the Young Learners and Teenagers Special Interest Group (YLT-SIG) for IATEFL. He has written, co-authored, and contributed to many courses and resources for young learners, teens, young adults, and adults, for general English and specific purposes. He is published globally and regionally (see; his publications include Real English, Take Shape, Shape Up, Next Stop, Way Ahead, Brainwave, New Inspiration, Realtime, All Right, iRead – New English...