Bio's - Executives

Deborah Tarbet

Membership Coordinator

Deborah Tarbet is an Assistant Professor at Keimyung College University .  She received her MA in TESOL (2004) and a MAcc (2003) from Southern Illinois University Carbondale.  Deborah joined KOTESOL in April, 2005, and has served on numerous conference committees.  In addition, she served as the National Treasurer from Oct, 2009-Oct, 2012.  She enjoys walking, hiking, bowling, singing in a Korean choir, and cooking Korean food.  If you need membership assistance, you may contact her at:

Kelly Stukey

Chapter Secretary

Kelly is currently in her second year of teaching at Waryoung Global Education Middle School, focusing on both gifted and lower level students.  She has a bachelor's degree from NYU and is currently pursuing her MA in TESOL.  In addition, she has been involved in various extracurricular English mentoring programs, and is an avid student of Korean and linguistics.  Kelly joined KOTESOL in May, 2017 and is happy to be serving as the newest secretary of the Daegu-Gyeongbuk Chapter! 


Kenneth M. Cahall

Chapter President

Kenneth, was a poet-songwriter-singer-cartoonist, busking in Arizona in 2006, when he was considerately thrust into an EFL classroom of kids in South Korea.  He's been laughing and teaching English to students of all maturity levels ever since.  He holds a BS in Social Science and MA in Education.  Kenneth teaches at English Premier School in Daegu, and will write poems for coffee!


Kimberley Roberts

Chapter Vice President

Kimberley is in her second year of teaching in Korea, currently working in the Practical English Department at Daegu Global Education Center.  She has a degree in English Language and Literature, CELTA, and is presently working towards an MA in Education.  In her free time, she takes Korean language classes, is learning to play the janggu (traditional Korean drum), and volunteers as an English mentor.  On the odd day when she isn't busy, Kimberley enjoys hiking, eating too much, and hanging out at the PC rooms.

Pat King

Chapter Treasurer

Pat King is in his fifth year of English teaching at Daegu University. Prior to that he taught four years at Kangwon National University. Took BA in journalism from Western Washington University. Took MA in education from Framingham State University. After journalism work in USA, came to Korea in 2006 and worked two years as an editor (business, sports) for Korea JoongAng Daily newspaper in Seoul.


Chapter Web Editor