Teaching Portfolio Guides

Teaching Portfolios are increasingly used in hiring and retention questions as well as for self-assessment of professional development.

Attached to this page are a number of PDF files. These were downloaded from the internet on January 6 2013 or later. Some were PDF files hosted on the internet, some were regular webpages now saved as PDF. Each page includes the original location and date of download.

There is no particular order in the following list, other than alphabetical by title. Nor are these particular recommendations, just a sampling of guidelines available on the web.

Creating a Teaching Portfolio - UCLA
Developing a Teaching Portfolio - Marolla & Goodell
Developing Your Teaching Portfolio - University of Adelaide
Prepare your Teaching Portfolio - University of Texas
Recasting the Teaching Portfolio - Bain & Lang
Showcase your skills with an electronic teaching portfolio - Schaefer
Teaching Portfolio - Ohio State
The Teaching Portfolio - Rodriguez-Farrar