Summer Issue of TEC Now Online

The Summer 2015 issue of TEC is here for your summer reading pleasure! In this issue of The English Connection, KOTESOL's quarterly magazine, you will have much to choose from: a preview of the October international conference, an interview with our 1st VP, part 2 of our spring articles on storytelling and "tiger moms," a book review and a National Conference review.

Oh, and check out the International Conference registration fee schedule (page 29). Early-bird registration for the conference has already begun!

Your hard copy of TEC will be in the mail as soon as it is off the press and into its envelope.

If you are not getting your TEC regularly, access your online account and check if your mailing address is up-to-date and correct.

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Wherever you are this summer - in your office, in your armchair,  in your lawnchair, or at the beach - we hope you enjoy reading TEC.