Readings Online

There are many books, booklets, journal articles, and manuscripts of potential interest available online. This is a modest partial listing. Some are also attached to this page (in case the links fail some time in the future). Feel free to add to this list.


The British Council's CPD page is filled with great stuff.

Richards, Jack C. & Thomas S.C. Farrell (2005). Professional Development for Language Teachers: Strategies for Teacher Learning. Cambridge University Press. Parts available online 2013.6.10:

Chapter 1. The nature of teacher education.

Chapter 6. Peer observation.

Chapter 7. Teaching portfolios.

See assorted pages at Google Books -

Gray, Sandra Leaton (2005). An enquiry into Continuing Professional Development for Teachers. Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, Villiers Park Educational Trust, University of Cambridge. Available 2013.3.3,


Attached PDFs: