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The Program for the KOTESOL International Conference is available in several formats. You can download those that best suit you. All documents are in PDF format.

All Featured and Concurrent sessions take place in the Myungshingwan (명신관). Plenaries in Emmanuel Hall.


Two day conference schedule at a glance  (Invited Sessions only displayed).  Revised document.

All Presentations (list)

Presentations by Theme - Saturday

Presentations by Theme - Sunday

Presentation TIMES and ROOMs by day - Saturday and Sunday (corrected)

Presentations sorted by Times (timetable with Room Assignments) [10 pages]

Presentations with Abstracts sorted by Times (like the Program Book) [849kb, large file, 84 pages]

The FULL Program Book (approximately 170 pages)  ** 2.6mb File, large file size.

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