Pre-conference "Task" - For All Attendees

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Hello FAB11 & KOTESOL National Conference participant!

FAB conferences are a bit different from most other conferences ㅡ we try to innovate in different ways each time and make them as brain-friendly as possible, based on neuroELT principles (our maxims).

This year, we are asking all participants to participate in our personal alignment task. That is to say, we’d like you to be the person that makes the connections between all the presentations and workshops that you attend by priming yourself with a real problem that you’d like to resolve regarding your school/classroom.

Your Personal Alignment Task
1. Brainstorm a few real issues that you face at your school and/or in your classroom. List them up on paper. (work with a partner if possible)
2. Take a good look at the list, then prioritize by choosing the top one that you really want to fix.
3. Write that prioritized real issue down in your notebook that you will be bringing to the conference.
4. As you listen to the various presentations on Saturday, and participate in the workshops on Sunday, take notes in your notebook toward fixing that issue. This will keep your brain personally aligned. At the conference, we will also be periodically prompting you to take notes to stay personally aligned, and on task. In this way, it automatically transforms the entire conference into a personally designed weekend for you. This is how we will achieve individualized personal alignment.

You won’t feel the benefits if you don’t properly do steps 1-3, so take a few serious minutes and focus on steps 1-3. Get that foundation set up right. It will make a huge difference in the way you perceive the conference, and by the end of the conference, especially by the end of the Sunday closing workshop, we can guarantee that you brain will be transformed and you’ll have new ideas on how to fix that problem ㅡ and likely have a slew of exciting new ideas that you’d be jazzed up about trying out on Monday morning.

If you are a Presenter, too:
You will of course also greatly benefit from this personal alignment task — in two ways!
1. You will have all the benefits described above, plus,
2. All of your presentation/workshop attendees will also be on task, and listening to your every word ㅡ looking for hints from you that will help them resolve their self-tasked issue. So, collectively, your attendees will be more keenly focused than attendees you may have had at previous conferences. Use this to your advantage. Ask them to take notes from your content that will help them with their personal alignment task. In this way, your presentation/workshop will become more personalized for them; this will naturally make your content more useful for them. Consider this as you review your presentation slides. Maybe add a few comments here and there that refer to the personal alignment task. If everybody does this, the synergy from this alignment will be incredible ㅡ and the bonding will be extra strong between attendees and presenters.

If you have any questions regarding this personal alignment task, feel free to contact me.
I’m here to help facilitate your personal alignment!

See you soon in Seoul,

Robert S. Murphy
Associate Professor, University of Kitakyushu
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