Partnership - General Partnership Associate

Korea TESOL welcomes book distributors and publishers and others involved in the ELT community to join our organization as General Partnership Associates (GPAs), the standard "institutional membership" classification for partnership.

The book industriy has seen considerable stresses the past few years. Some say there are two responses to challenge - "fight or flight." On behalf of the teachers and learners of English in Korea, we hope our publishers fight!

KOTESOL offers publishers & distributors the opportunity to market intelligently, to the teachers who are leading the classes -- attendees at KOTESOL conferences, dedicated professionals who join the leading multicultural ELT society in Korea, Korea TESOL.

KOTESOL has seen some significant changes in how we structure our partnership agreement in order to reflect the realities of the new publishing market. We are responding to our longterm partners, offering less expensive options that make participation more viable. Your membership fee includes a display table at the International Conference, and discounts for additional displays, and provides significant discounts on presentations and advertising at the international conference, plus other marketing opportunities throughout the year.

Our Organizational Partners Agreement outlines the benefits of parthership. Only partners may participate at the annual international conference (though other marketing opportunities are available during the year).

A few publishers may choose to become Premium Program Associates, with a higher stake in the organization.

See more information about conference displays at

See past issues of our quarterly magazine - The Engilsh Connection - at

We invite you to roam the website, look at past conference archives, see our Chapters. We are confident you will appreciate the value.

Contact our OPs Liaison for more information.

Rob Dickey


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