New KOTESOL Job Board!

KOTESOL is pleased to announce the start of our new Job Board at We are starting today with a few posts, but our long-term goal is to create a place for employers to publicize jobs targeted at the dedicated and talented members of KOTESOL. There are numerous job boards on the internet, but we think many organizations will choose to post directly to our page in the future.

Since this is a new project, we ask for your patience while the Job Board develops. As of today, all posts are view-able by the general public. However, we reserve the right to make postings available to members only at a later date. It is our hope that this board, combined with the proposed re-launch of the International Conference Job Fair in 2015, will provide additional value for all members and supporters of KOTESOL. Feedback is encouraged at the email address listed on the website, so please take a look and tell us what you think. Thank you!