More on Marketing Avenues

KOTESOL is more than a conference

Some organizations join KOTESOL only because they wish to participate in the annual International Conference, where we expect more than 1200 teachers to attend. But there are far more opportunities throughout the year, where partnership means significant discounts on marketing avenues.



KOTESOL is now extending marketing options through our online media

The website, the emailed/webhosted News, special emails, and possibly through our facebook/twitter accounts (still under consideration) each provide additional avenues to our teachers.

Our (email/online) News is hosted off-site, at

You can see our "Webvertising" on this website, where we average about 10,000 unique visitors to the website monthly. These "webverts" (web advertisements) link directly to your website, or can link to a page we host for you.

Information on Webverts in the online/email News and this website are available at

Print Advertising

More information on marketing opportunities, including the publishing schedule and page rates for our print publications, can be found from

  • International Conference Program Book
  • The English Connection (quarterly magazine)
  • KOTESOL Proceedings
  • The Korea TESOL Journal

This page includes links to previous publications, which you may treat as models for upcoming publications. Please note - Partners get a 50% discount on print advertising -- the rates listed are for Partners!



Conference Displays (Booths)

The most common questions concerning the International Conference --
"What are the displays like this year?" and "where are the displays?" along with "How much are displays?"

See this information at

Presentation Sessions

You may also choose to participate more assertively through promotional sessions at the conference. These occur during the regular concurrent session hours alongside other presentations. The webform for these sessions is will be live in July at

You must login to complete this form, if you have not registered with KOTESOL click "Join" at the top of every page and complete the website registration process (there is no fee to "join the website"). Please note - Hanmail and Naver and some other Korean email services do not follow global protocols and therefore may reject messages from our server, we strongly recommend you register with a Gmail or Yahoo or other email service.

"Be Our Guest"

You may purchase 20 or more Conference Passes at our member pre-registration rates for distribution within your own marketing system. Reward your best customers, or entice new ones!


Include the KOTESOL Conference Poster with your marketing activities. Contact us for the graphic file!

It's on Us!

  • Name Badges. Your logo on the back of all attendees badges. Include a coupon or prize card?
  • Staff Uniforms. Our volunteer staff wear uniform Tshirts: over 100 student volunteers and several dozen teacher-managers. Your Ad moves with them!

Promotional Give-Aways

A number of KOTESOL's own conferencing costs fit well in some organizations marketing designs and may be used to increase your conference visibility without further cash expense.

  • Conference Bags. Every attendee at the KOTESOL International Conference receives a conference bag with conference program book and various other premiums. OPs can choose to sponsor the bags (type of bag can be negotiated), including their message/logo.
  • Attendee bag-stuffers. We welcome your branded items, such as Post-It Notes, pens, Cellphone WipeCloths, Calendars, magnets, Clips, Maps, etc, to be included in every bag. You can of course choose to offer items at your display booths.
  • Door-Prizes/Raffle. A "sticker system" to encourage teachers to visit numerous booths as part of Door-Prize participation is planned (details still in development). High-visibility prizes are welcomed. These could include scholarships, gift-sets, subscriptions, etc.

Dedicated Room

For those organizations interested in a major presence, a Dedicated Room allows for numerous presentations at an advantageous rate all in a single presentations room. This simplifies your publicity and setups. Purchase 10 promotional sessions, use the room the full conference. (Public events only during concurrent sessions.) All sessions must be unified through a single KOTESOL OP. (a distributor of several lines can reserve a room for the competing lines)

Other High-Visibility Participation

  • "Sponsor a Speaker" with your name in the book and on a sign alongside the speaker.
  • "Host" an Event - the Saturday Reception, sometimes open only to KOTESOL Members, can be opened to all conference attendees with your support.
  • "Hosted Munchies" - cover the costs of free coffee/snacks for all attendees and get everyone's attention!
  • Beverages/snacks for presenters - the speakers room will have your signage and the program book will recognize your support.
  • Other - what are your ideas?



We are open to discussing a variety of marketing options in our National, Regional, and Chapter conferences and symposiums scheduled throughout the year. Most common choices are Displays, Promotional Presentations, and Print Advertising.


Contact us for more information on these or other concerns.


Rob Dickey
(Cell - Korea) 010-2272-0968