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UPDATE: A list of presentations and their abstracts can be found here.

Following is a preliminary list of presentations accepted to the 21st KOTESOL International Conference.

Presentations are listed in alphabetical order of presenters' family name and titles have been abbreviated where necessary

Information on this page is subject to change and is acurate as of 16 August 2013

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Presenter's Name  ... Session Title

Faridah Abdul Malik  … Utilising metacognitive strategies in the ESL listening classrooms

Toben Alexander  … Devoting student autonomy: Utilizing social media to motivate students

Toben Alexander  … The Social Network: Encouraging Engagement in Language Learning

Bryan Alkema  … Monologue , Monologue ≠ Conversation

Rheanne Anderson  … Intelligibility and Comprehensibility: towards a definition for pronunciation research

Matthew Apple  … Motivational attributions of Japanese science and engineering students

Matthew Apple  … The current state of language learning motivation in Japan

Ian Baddon  … Using Collaborative Writing (CW) in an EFL context

Samuel Barclay  … Using a rubric to encourage active participation

Samuel Barclay  … Fostering the use of monolingual learner's dictionaries

Samuel Barclay  … Providing level appropriate L2 input

Casey Michael Barnes  … Say it, Show it, Act it...Tell Me a Story!

Casey Barnes  … Organize It, Teach It, Write it, Present it: The iPad helps everyone work smarter not harder!

Doug Baumwoll  … Write Right: A Simple Recipe for the Structured Paragraph

Allison Bill  … Lesson Planning 101 ? Planning Engaging, Effective Lessons

Grant Black  … Practice to theory: investigating student self-concepts in the youth-to-work transition

Robert Black  … Technology Assisted Socio-Emotional Language Learning

Robert Black  … Student-Led Rubric Creation: Scaffolding for a Student-Centered ELT Pedagogy

Andrew Boon  … Here we are, now motivate us

Paul Bournhonesque  … Pathways for Overcoming Intercultural Barriers in EFL Language Program Development

Nicholas Bovee  … Motivating Students with Original Animated Videos

Gunther Breaux  … How to quickly measure speaking ability, without a speaking test

Gunther Breaux  … Conversation-based English: How to teach, test, and improve speaking  

James Broadbridge  … Read all about it! Small group news discussions 101

Ian Brown  … Action Research and Curriculum Change

Ian Brown  … Web 2.0 Internet Activities for Lower-Level Learners

Peter Burden  … Are ELT teachers disdvantaged through student evaluation of teaching surveys?

Peter Burden  … Antecedent beliefs and learning motivation in tertiary education

Tyler Burden  … Student-centred course assessment: Collecting more meaningful feedback

Chrissy Burns  … Korean University Students: Their Learning Styles, Your Teaching Style

Peadar Callaghan  … Formative assessment of Student Writing

Brian Carlstrom  … Data-driven Learning Made Easy

Billunta Carter  … Assigning Reading Roles: Building Better Habits

Alexander Chirnside  … Toward a test-specific self access speaking center

Sujeong Choi  … Language anxiety in second language writing

Wendy Collins  … Maximising Mentoring: Rethinking ELT Teachers as Mentors

Matthew Coomber  … Promoting Self-Directed Revision in L2 Writing

Jamie Costley  … The potential and limitations of corrective feedback

Selwyn Cruz  … Discourse Markers in the Spoken Utterances of Manila-based Korean Students

D. Malcolm Daugherty  … Extra-curricular support for TOEFL and TOEIC test-takers

Sara Davila  … Creative Thinking Techniques

Gerald de la Salle  … Blueprint for a Writing Class

Kyle Philip Devlin  … Extensive Reading Interviewing Practices to Lower Students' Affective Filters

Kyle Philip Devlin  … Korean Students' Perceptions of Reading Culturally Familiar Extensive Reading Books

Evelyn Doman  … Error Analysis, Teachability Theory, and Using Grammatical Consciousness-Raising

Ayla Duman  … Using Online Tools for an Effective EFL Writing Class

Terry Fellner  … Developing Effective Presentation Skills With Low-Level English Speaking Students

Roger Fusselman  … Guided Teacher Reflection for Busy Teachers

Upul Priyantha Gamage  … Eloquence in First Language as an Enabling Factor of Speaking Second Language

David Gatrell  … Redefining learning: Integrating iPads in the classroom

David Gatrell  … All in the game: Digital game-based learning

Henry Gerlits  … Exploring the Intersection of Government and Classroom Policy

Petra Glithero  … Co-Teaching: Practical Applications for Public School Teachers in Korea

Danny Graves  … The Dream and Deliver Project: A Practical Application with Theoretical Implications

Alex Grevett  … English as a Lingua Franca: From Theory to Pedadgogy

Brian Grover  … Experience as a Catalyst for Student-Centered, Conversation-Enabled Learning

Katie Halet  … In-class Anxiety Experienced by Experienced ESL Teachers

Feifei Han  … Speed of Lexical Access and Strategic Processing in FL Reading

Sarah Harrison  … Word-Association: Exploring the L2 mental lexicon of Korean EFL learners

Lauren Harvey  … ESP Needs Analysis and Course Design for Business Professionals

Lauren Harvey  … Engaging University EFL Students in Group Work

Martin Hawkes  … Investigating the use of task models as pre-tasks in TBLT

Neil Heffernan  … The road to a successful curriculum: How theory feeds practice

Duane Henning  … Self-regulation: moving students away from seat filling

Lindsay Herron  … Ten Tech Tools Teachers Should Know About

U Teng Ho  … Teaching collocations in Asia: Does Lexical Approach work?

Chris Hughes  … Using corpus tools to inform genre based writing pedagogies

Ryan Hunter  … e-Portfolios for Pre-service and In-service Teacher Training and Professional Development

David Hutchinson  … Teaching strategies for autonomous learning

Anne C. Ihata  … Linking Thinking on Reading in English: Vocabulary and Phonemic Awareness

Barry Jameson  … Demand High ELT: Going Beyond Safe Teaching

Karen Jamieson  … Your survival guide to teaching IELTS

Di Gennaro Jason  … The Changing Face of Professionalism in Korean Public Schools

Dadan Jauhara Jauhara  … GBA to teaching writing exposition in Indonesian EFL context

Trevina Jefferson  … Leadership and Professional Development that Demands a Raise, Title & Respect

Trevina Jefferson  … Effective Writing Development Tools for Teachers/Professors & Peer Feedback

Balanyk Jesse  … Overcoming Cultural Differences Between Teachers

Kikuchi Keita  … Exploring the motivation theories reflecting EFL learners' viewpoints

Robert Kienzle  … Negotiation:  Teaching It and Using It as a Tool for English Lessons

Soyeon Kim  … Exploration of needs and wants of Korean students

Cassie Kim  … Learning and teaching English in North Korea: Interviewing a defector

Jennifer Kreisz  … Dear Professor: Construction of polite email requests, based on issues in cross-cultural pragmatics

Lara Kurth  … Development of Teacher-Created Curriculum at a South Korean University

Marc LeBane  … A study of ubiquitous technologies in higher education in Hong Kong

Chongrak Liangpanit  … Teachers' reflection on teaching vocabulary in EFL Thai contexts: Practice to Theory

Jonathan Loh  … A Content Creation Tool for SLA: An Introduction To Machinima

Mike Long  … Introducing OSTER - Online Short Text Extensive Reading for University Freshmen

Nico Lorenzutti  … Do in-service teacher training programs impact Language Teacher Conceptual Change?

Nico Lorenzutti  … Vocabulary Games: More Than Just Playing With Words!

Nico Lorenzutti  … Beyond the Gap Fill - 9 Dynamic Activities for ng Song

Matthew Love  … Through the learner's lens: The culture of English education in the Republic of Korea

Damian Lucantonio  … Teaching The Research Paper

Shu-Ying Luo  … A corpus-driven approach to the wordlists in testing and textbooks

Kevin Maher  … Literature Circles in EFL:  From Practice to Theory

Kevin Maher  … The 5-Minute Student Presentation: Student Preparation & Teacher Assessment

Kevin Maher  … Neural Connections:  SLA Theory, Neuroplasticity and Implications for EFL Classrooms

Sean Mahoney  … Japan's first steps in primary-level English classes: National survey

Amanda Maitland El Amri  … Adapting Personality Tests  For Use in the TESOL classroom

Shaun  Manning  … Tasks in Context: Examining student learning in interactive task-based talk

Mai Matsunaga  … Training Sessions on Classroom English for Pre-service Teachers in Japan

John McDonald  … Overcoming common academic writing mistakes in an Korean classroom

Jeff Mehring  … 6 Brain-Targeted Tips for Teaching Reading

Rachelle Meilleur  … Creating ePortfolios for Autonomous Learning

Richard Miles  … Reflecting on and learning from presentations

Elizabeth Molyneux  … Crafting critical thinking in the EAP classroom

Jana Moore  … Off the Cuff: Applications of Speaking on Your Feet

Brian Morrison  … A self-directed language learner's literacy development strategies

Ken Morrison  … Lights! Camera! Wait! Wait! Wait....Student Video Project Managment

Paul Bela Nadasdy  … Empathy and Group Dynamics in the Language Classroom

Terry Nelson  … Fostering Agency and Belonging in a Group Learning Experience

Yasuko Okada  … Peer Assessment through Video Recording

Kevin Ottoson  … Returnee and Non-Returnee Narratives for Intercultural Understanding

Leonie Overbeek  … The 'Be Game' - grammar practice painlessly accomplished

Phil Owen  … Jigsaw Activities: Controlled Conversations in Teams

Catherine Peck  … It's a cultural thing...

Maura Pfeifer  … Gamification: Level Up your Language Teaching

Maria Teodora Ping   … Dialogic Reading 101: Concepts, Strategies, Practices and Possible Innovations

Mario Podeschi  … On, At, In: Methodologies for Abstract Prepositions

Fahrul Pradhana Putra  … Teaching Narrative Writing Through Narrative Learning Media (NLM)

Michael  Rabbidge  … Approaches to using Short Stories in the EFL classroom

William  Rago  … Digging In: Non-native Teachers and Learner Language Analysis

Mark  Rebuck  … Updating dictation: new uses for an ancient activity

Robin Reid  … 'Staging' language development with theatre projects

Eric Reynolds  … Learning to deal with adolescent exuberance in ELT

Davis Rian  … Six Important Ideas from Linguistics and Psychology Put into Practice

Cassidy Riddlebarger  … Role of Reflection in a SLW Course and Implications

Cameron Romney  … Teach bilingually or monolingually? Teacher use of the student's L1

Jack Ryan  … Authentic Materials: Support for non-English majors at a Japanese university

Henderson Scott  … Encouraging Noticing in the Classroom

Fatiha Senom  … The Native Speaker Mentors and The Novice Teachers' Professional Development

David Shaffer  … Believe It ? or NOT: Korean Misconceptions in ELL

David Shaffer  … KOTESOL -- 20 Years: Its Birth, Growth, and Maturation

Mark  Sheehan  … The Role of Language Education Centers in a University Curriculum

George Skuse  … Opportunities for learning: An analysis of teacher-student and student-student interaction

Iain Stanley  … Turning writing and grammar into a practical, autonomous peer review

Kyoko Sunami-Burden  … Teaching style insights and learning attitudes of Japanese tertiary students

Shannon Tanghe  … Collaborative Co-teaching in South Korea: Teachers' positioning

Herwindy Maria Tedjaatmadja  … A Movie A Day Keeps the Listening Problems Away

Huei-Chun Teng  … Analysis of EFL Learners' Task Strategies for Listening Comprehension Test

Simon Thollar  … Motivating low-level L2 Students with humorous one-point videos

Tory Thorkelson  … Leadership IQ: The missing link for training leaders in ELT

Peter Thwaites  … Conversation Tennis: Practice in search of a theory

Hsiu-tao Tien  … Teaching Vocabulary with Example Sentences Extracted from the Reading Passage

Chia-ti Heather Tseng  … "You must let me pass this course, please!"

Mizuka Tsukamoto  … Essay Writing Skills: A Process Approach

Rie  Tsutsumi   … Investigation of University English Teachers' Motivation in Japan

Fiona Van Tyne  … Reaching Full Potential: NET's and the Lack of Utilization within EPIK

Thi Hoang Yen Vo  … Relative impact of pronunciation errors in non-native speech

Michelle Huey Fen Voon  … Promoting active participation in Conversation among ESL learners

Stacey Vye  … From Learner Autonomy in Practice to Language Proficiency in Theory

Jeffrey Walter  … Making Better Groups: Theory and Practice

Sherry Ward  … Practical Paths to PBL: Prescriptions for Problems.

Andy Webster  … Teaching EFL online from theory to practice

Fiona Wiebusch  … Increasing teacher talk? Enriching professional learning communities through social media

Fiona Wiebusch  … Pushing the ‘Task': Activities to maximise post-task learning in EAP

Tiranun Wongwiwat  … Washback effects of O-NET on EFL teaching practices at a secondary school study

Jon Wrigglesworth  … Student Writing: What should we write or say about student errors?

Judson Wright  … Winging It

Seth Yoder  … When Textbooks Fail: New Materials to Motivate a University Classroom

Suzanne Yonesaka  … Global Citizenship through Disaster Education: The Ishinomaki Tsunami Manga Project

Elizabeth Yoshikawa  … Getting Students to Speak on Topics of Interest

Darunee  Yotimart  … The Needs Analysis in ESP Course Design: A Case Study of English for Computer and IT

Siwei (Bryan) Zhao  … Using the Native Language: Help or Hindrance?