How do I become a KTT member?

You must have a proven track record as a presenter in a variety of venues (chapter meetings and conferences) and be comfortable talking about a variety of topics with a willingness to develop more either upon request or based on your research/teaching.

What are we looking for in a KTT member?

Someone who has both the qualifications (probably a graduate degree and at least a few years of teaching experience) and the willingness to spread the word about KOTESOL all over the peninsula.  Also,  they should  have been a KOTESOL member for more than a year so they can answer questions about KOTESOL when presenting to non-KOTESOL groups.

How can I join KTT?

You must be reccomended by either a current KTT member or by a number of other KOTESOL members/officers. You must have been highly rated by those who have seen you present and you must be observed and approved by any KTT member to join. Membership may or may not be on a probationary basis.

How can I become a regular KTT member if I am on probation?

If you are on probabtion, you are considered to need more experience as a presenter, more professional knowledge and experience or are not as knowledgeable abour KOTESOL as we would like. This can be fixed by doing more presentations, preparing more topics in more depth, getting some tips or mentoring from one of the regular KTT members or a combination of some or all of these.

Where are KTT presenters to be found?

KTT members are presenting at chapters and conferences all over Korea throughout the year. Further, we are often asked to present for groups like EPIK, TaLK, GEPIK and local offices of education like SMOE or GMOE. If you have not seen us you are probably not looking very hard :).

If you have further questions/concerns, contact: