Korea TESOL Journal 12-1

Publication Date: 
September 1, 2016

Korea TESOL Journal 12-1

Volume 12, Number 1

Table of Contents

1 -- Kenneth Parsons   
Korean EFL Students’ Perceptions of Pair and Small-Group Work

25 -- Patrick Travers
Student and Teacher Perceptions of Oral Corrective Feedback in an Korean University General Education English Conversation Classroom

45 -- Christopher Miller    
Themes and Degrees of Reflection in Reflective Practice Sessions in the Republic of Korea with and without the Presence of Videoed Teacher Performance  

67 -- Tory S. Thorkelson
Language Teaching Organizations (LTOs) and Professional Job Satisfaction

107 -- Jong-hee Youn    
The Effect of Extensive reading on KSAT Scores

133 -- Thuy Ngoc Dinh
Culture Representation in Locally Produced English Textbooks: A Case Study of Vietnam

157 -- Parviz Ajideh & Valeh Gholami    
Learning Styles as Predictors of Students’ Test Performance

177 -- John Clayton Whittle    
Understanding Perceptions and Perceived Effectiveness of Custom Designed Games in the EFL Classroom

203 -- Mark Rebuck    
Appropriate Use of ELT Video? Students; Views of the Use of “Contentious” Video

229 -- Seyyed Ali Ostovar & Kamal Alinejad     
The Impact of Interactive Whiteboard on EFL Learners’ Vocabulary Development

Book Reviews

247 -- Jocelyn Wright & Yeon-seong Park
Promoting Teacher Reflections in Second Language Education: A Framework for TESOL Professionals (By Thomas S.C. Farrell)

261 -- David B. Kent
Technology Enhanced Language Learning: Connecting Theory and Practice (by Aisha Walker & Goodith White)

267 -- Colin Walker
Language Learning with Digital Video (by Ben Goldstein & Paul Driver)