Jeonju-North Jeolla <March 2017> Workshop

Saturday, March 4, 2017 -
14:45 to 17:00
Jeonju University
303 Cheonjam Ro Star Center 201
55069 Jeonju , Jeollabuk-do
South Korea
Jeollabuk-do KR

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Speaker 1: Andrew Griffiths

Title: Filling in the Gaps: Starters, Reviews and Closing Activities.

Abstract: Teaching guides and teacher training courses often offer many useful ideas for games and activities, but most of these are designed for the practice or production stages of a class and as such require a large chunk of time to complete successfully. Consequently, other parts of the class are not always well-represented with options for activities and games. This workshop will attempt to redress this by presenting six quick activities for other parts of a class: two starters, two review activities, and two closing activities. All six activities are easy to implement and flexible enough to work in a variety of contexts. The workshop will involve active demonstrations of each activity and so attendee participation is very much welcomed!

Biography: Andrew Griffiths is a teacher trainer at the Daejeon Education Training Institute. He has been teaching for almost ten years and specializes in teaching speaking skills.

Speaker 2: Leonie Overbeek

Title: Creativity in the Classroom

Abstract: Creativity, critical thinking, entrepreneurial ability, twenty first century skills – these are all things that are now needed in the classroom of today and the future. When people are asked to define creativity, the overwhelming response is that it has to do with something new, and with the imagination, and with thinking. Many people also feel that it is something that can be taught, and that schools manage to kill it.

Participants will have a chance to test their own creativity, since it is crucial that a teacher understands whatever he or she wants to share with students. Workshop participants will then have a chance to discuss various definitions of creativity and the implications of each, then examine some suggestions about how creativity can be implemented in the EFL classroom.

Biography: Leonie Overbeek holds qualifications in Analytical Chemistry and Chemical Engineering from the University of Johannesburg, an M.Phil in Value and Policy Studies (organizational communication) from Stellenbosch University and a TESOL certificate from Boston Language College.

She taught at middle school level in South Korea for seven years. She now teaches elementary school children, and loves every minute.