Getting to COEX (a photo essay)

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So you are coming to COEX for the KOTESOL-KAFLE 2014 International Conference. In this photo-essay we assume you have already landed in Seoul. (If not, see venue information on the conference website.)  A PDF version of this photo-essay is available click here or at bottom of this page, a 1mb file).


I. Taxi???

If you are taking a taxi, the image at top of this page is where you will probably be dropped off.  Be forewarned, a taxi from Seoul (KTX) train station will probably cost over 25,000won.

II. Bus???

If you are taking a bus, you will probably get off near the front entrance (see image above).

III. Subways.

Samseong (World Trade Center) Station on Line 2 in Gangnam is the nearest subway/metro station to COEX. Cheongdam Station on Line 7 is another option, but the walk is well over 1km.


COEX Neighborhood Subways (Metro). Most conference participants will come to COEX via the subway. Samseong Station (World Trade Center) is on line 2 in Gangnam, use the Exits 5-6 tunnel. Cheongdam Station on Line 7 is another possibility, but it's a longer walk and we won't have volunteers or signage there. (For more information about Seoul Subways see venue information at

The remainder of this page provides directions from Samseong Station on Line 2 (the Green Line) in Gangnam area of Seoul.


1. As you leave the Metro cars at Samseong Station (line 2) you'll climb the stairs. We are headed to Gates 5 & 6.


2. Check directions for exit gates 5 & 6.


3. Exiting fare gates, looking for exit gates 5 & 6.


4. You can choose to exit up the stairs for gates 5 or 6, but we recommend you walk out the tunnel between those two exits, straight into COEX Mall.


5. Exiting the tunnel between gates 5 & 6 to the outdoor portion of COEX Mall. (If it's a rainy day you can walk through the indoor mall instead.) There are escalators at the other end.


6. Walking through the outdoor mall and up the escalators, you will reach a narrow area where rennovations are underway. Keep going straight, 200 meters to COEX!


7, Approaching COEX, you are now near the main street, regardless of whether you came through the outdoor mall or exited the subway through gate 6 and followed the corner around (not crossing the street). You can see COEX!


8. Near the East Gate of COEX (carpark entrance). If you turn left here, you can enter COEX through the South Gate. Those who walked through the indoors mall will enter through the South Gate. Or, you can walk straight to the front of COEX and the Main Entrance. (Parking a car at COEX is roughly 40,000won per day ($40), we don't recommend it!


9. South Gate entrance. Pretty Impressive for a side gate!


10. South Gate hallway. Go straight on in to the main foyer. there are ATMs and small restrooms in the first hallway to your right.


11. Main Foyer (just inside the Main Entrance). Walk straight ahead. just past the reception desk (where you meet folks coming in from the South Gate) to enter the Main Floor of COEX.


12. The Main Floor of COEX. Take the escalators up to the 3rd Floor for Conference Action! (Registration, and Checkin for pre-registrants, is across the bridge, near Hall 'E'.


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