Gangwon KOTESOL Chapter Meeting and Social Workshop - WONJU

Saturday, December 9, 2017 -
13:00 to 17:00
Sangji University, Wonju Dong-ak Hall / 동악관, Room 2105
South Korea

Critical thinking in EFL classes for all ages: Principles, approaches, and activities

Stewart Gray, Hanguk University of Foreign Studies

A familiar challenge to EFL teachers interested in promoting critical thinking is designing and implementing classes that permit and encourage these things. The focus of this workshop is to discuss a number of approaches to critical thinking in the EFL classroom. Attendees will get a list of useful and adaptable points for designing classes, interacting with students, encouraging them to interact, and managing and supporting their language use. They will also get the opportunity to reflect on and share their own experiences and perspectives, discuss the relevance of the suggested approaches to their own teaching context, and consider how to (and whether to) include critical thinking and discussion in classes of their own.


Getting the Most Out of Quizlet

Michael Free, Gangneung-Wonju National University

Quizlet. Chances are you’ve heard of it. Recognizing that most language teachers have at least a passing familiarity with Quizlet, this presentation focuses on how we can maximize its potential in various contexts. After a brief survey of the basics, the presenter will look at some of the newer features in more depth. The core of the presentation will be on exploring the range of ways in which language educators and learners can use Quizlet to improve the potential for learning (be it in class, out of class, or flipped class). This will include how the presenter has used the application, as well as a curated collection of techniques by teachers from around the world. Attendees will have an opportunity to share their own ideas, as well.


Social Workshop: Camps, Questions, and Anything-else-you’d-like-to-discuss

The last half of the meeting will be devoted to directly helping attendees. We know it’s “English camp” preparation season, so we plan to focus on that. That said, we will also have time to discuss whatever is on your mind, including ideas for how we can better serve our membership! KOTESOL members may submit their camp ideas and other questions in advance (via FB or email:, in order that we can have some extra time to consider them. Non-members are welcome to bring their questions to the meeting, of course!


There will be free pizza and refreshments for everyone!


Sangji University

A short taxi ride from the bus station (10 mins.)

If your Korean isn’t so hot, show them the map to the left, or say:

“Sang-ji Tae-ha-kyo, dong-ak-kwan  chu-sey-o”


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