The English Connection (TECv19n4) Winter 2015

Publication Date: 
December 1, 2015

The English Connection (TEC 19-4) Winter 2015

Contents include:

Editorial – by Julian Warmington
President’s Message – by Lindsay Herron

Past Presidents Speak: “What advice would you give the incoming President?”
ㅡ by S. Berlin, A. Finch, L. van Dijk, T. Thorkelson
KOTESOL 2015 International Conference Session Reviews
ㅡ by Teresa L. Manabat & Mitzi Kaufman
Natural Resources Course, Silla University
ㅡ by Ryan Hofer
International Conference: Review and Thoughts for the Future
ㅡ by Ian Done D. Ramos
Take Action: Social Justice in ELT
ㅡ by Jocelyn Wright
A Change in Climate for English Teachers: Teaching as If the Earth Mattered
ㅡ by Greg Brooks-English
Taking Aim at Solutions: Teaching English Through Anthropogenic Global Warming
ㅡ by A. Panos, J. Damico, H. Park, S.J. Park, Y. Park, J. Sylvia
To Dip or Not to Dip: The Trinity Diploma
ㅡ by Amelie Kelly

KOTESOL People Interview: Josette LeBlanc
ㅡ by Julian Warmington
Reflective Practice: Who Is the Self That Teaches? [ New Column ]
ㅡ by Thomas S.C. Farrell
Book Review Column: Special Report
ㅡ by Chris Miller


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