ELT Journals in Korea

Finding published research articles about Korean English language learners can be challenging.  On this page we aim to assist you in your search.

There are a number of ELT journals published in Korea, many publish online as well as in hardcopy. We list links further below on this page.

Of course we invite you to review KOTESOL's own publications. Following these three, we list a number of other societies' journals.  Most of the articles available through these links are presented in English (particularly the more recent papers).  Then we list some graduate schools' own journals. Finally, you can search google scholar, sometimes there are papers available for free download from there. Also, visit your nearest national university or major private university -- many will allow you to access their e-journal holdings from within their library.

Many of the papers in the journals below, plus many master's and doctoral theses, can also be found through the RISS search engine, principally those papers completed in Korea (RISS통합검색) but also a number of overseas databases (example, SCOPUS, 해외DB통합검색). http://riss.kr.  Some papers will be directly accessible through RISS, for others you will have to pursue other avenues (such as library collections or pay-to-view). Most Korean university libraries will grant temporary access to non-students, you can access many articles through their online collections.

Find a listing of overseas ELT journals with online access at http://koreatesol.org/content/elt-journals-online


Korea TESOL Journal
(Korea TESOL)
(most recent year available only to members)
(no site-based search, but use google and include --  site:koreatesol.org

KOTESOL Proceedings
(Korea TESOL)
(most recent year available only to members)
(no site-based search, but use google and include --  site:koreatesol.org

The English Connection
(Korea TESOL)
(most recent year available only to members)
(no site-based search, but use google and include --  site:koreatesol.org

English Teaching
(Korea Association of Teachers of English)
search function available

English Language Teaching
(Pan-Korea English Teachers Association)
search function available

Foreign Language Education
(The Korea Association of Foreign Languages Education)
search function available

Korean Journal of Applied Linguistics
(The Applied Linguistics Association of Korea)
(search from http://journal.alak.or.kr/search-journal-articles/

Primary English Education
(Korea Association of Primary English Education)
search function available

Journal of the Korea English Education Society
(Korea English Education Society)
http://www.kees.kr/en/ click "Paper Submission'  >>  '논문검색서비스' (nonmun geomsaek service)
search function available

English Language & Literature Teaching
(Engilsh Teachers Association of Korea)
http://www.etak.or.kr/ver2/  in Korean

The Journal of Extensive Reading in Foreign Languages
Korean Extensive English Reading Association)
first issue, January 2014

STEM Journal
(Society for Teaching English Through Media)
search function available

Multimedia-Assisted Language Learning
(Korea Association of Multimedia-Assisted Language Learning)
search function available

TESOL Interfaces
(Woosong University Graduate School of TESOL-MALL)
(no site-based search, but use google and include --  site:tesolmall.wsu.ac.kr

Issues in EFL
(Sookmyung TESOL MA Program)
(no site-based search, but use google and include --  site:tesolma.com


We welcome information about additional journals.  dbailey0566@gmail.com