Deadline for 2014 IC Paper Submission

Please be aware that the deadline for paper submission for the 2014 international conference is May 30th. 


This year's conference will feature four strands:

  • Young Learners
  • Assessment and Evaluation
  • Business English
  • Professional Development

An overarching theme for the conference is embracing creativity. We are looking for presentations, panels, or other sessions that discuss and share new, creative, or unique experiences and observations regarding teaching English as a foreign language. Proposals that meet the criteria listed below will be given preference for the limited number of slots. Individuals may not submit more than two proposals.

The vetting team will be instructed to give preference to proposals which: highlight a creative idea for teaching English as a foreign language, fit one of the four strands, give a clear understanding of what attendees can expect, and offer practical suggestions/tips/lesson ideas to EFL teachers. Proposals containing large amounts of academic language and jargon will not be given preference.

Call for papers ends May 31, 2014. Please send questions or feedback