Daegu-Gyeongbuk KOTESOL Workshop

Saturday, March 3, 2018 -
15:00 to 17:00
Ecology Oriental Wellness Experience Center
Namseong-ro 24, Jung-gu
South Korea
Contact Phone: 
010-7343-3735 Ken

Attention Daegu-Gyeongbuk KOTESOL faithful: We are meeting on the first Saturday of March - the 3rd. Current members and non-members alike are invited! Feel free to bring a friend and invite your colleagues, too.

About us: The Daegu-Gyeongbuk Chapter of Korea TESOL serves the ELT community in Daegu and the greater Gyeongsangbuk-do area with monthly meetings to share information about English language teaching, engage in professional development, and to socialize with like-minded folks.

Date:     Saturday, Mar 3, 2018
Time:    3:00pm – 5:00pm
Venue:  Downtown Daegu.  

Ecology Oriental Wellness Experience Center
(On Oriental Medicine Street – behind Hyundai Department Store)
Namseong-ro 24
대구광역시 중구 남성로 24
Ph) 053-422-9651

From Banwoldang Subway Station, walk through the underground and take the escalator to the left in front of Hyundai Department Store (HDS), Exit 18.   Do not enter HDS.

Walk across the front of HDS and turn right.  Head to the front corner of Sh Bank (수협 은행), behind HDS.   Daegu Oriental Medicine Street is there, turn left.  You can find our meetings at The Ecology Oriental Wellness Experience Center, Namseong-ro 24.  It is directly across the street from the First Presbyterian Church of Daegu and the Oriental Medicine Museum.
Go down the flat stone sidewalk to the back of the building.  Then walk up the outdoor steps to the second floor conference room.  There is a Da Hyang coffee/tea shop on the first floor.

Meet’ n’ greet new friends and old. New friends: Tell us about yourself and your interests!

March Workshop:  Creativity in the Classroom  by Leonie Overbeek, KOTESOL Teacher Trainer

Leonie Overbeek Bio
Leonie Overbeek holds qualifications in Analytical Chemistry and Chemical Engineering from the University of Johannesburg, an M.Phil in Value and Policy Studies (organizational communication) from Stellenbosch University and a TESOL certificate from Boston Language College.

She taught at middle school level in South Korea for seven years. She now teaches elementary school children, and loves every minute. She likes to write, paint and cook in such spare time as she has, and recently had a successful exhibition of her watercolor paintings.
She has been the secretary of the National Council of KOTESOL for three years, and constantly attends and presents at meetings and conferences, as she is an avid supporter of KOTESOL and its activities.

Workshop:  Creativity in the Classroom
Creativity, critical thinking, entrepreneurial ability, twenty first century skills – these are all things that are now needed in the classroom of today and the future. When people are asked to define creativity, the overwhelming response is that it has to do with something new, and with the imagination, and with thinking. Many people also feel that it is something that can be taught, and that schools manage to kill it. There is also the feeling that creativity rests on the shoulders of a chosen few, and those mainly in the arts or that it is something you are ‘born with’. Yet, the ability to create is innate in every human being, and the drive to create something underlies all activities.

Creativity is, in my opinion, nothing more nor less than the ability to manipulate your environment in some manner.  And that is, what being human is all about – we manipulate things around us all the time.  Solving problems, cooking a meal, rearranging a room or writing a new app – these are all examples of creativity at work.

Participants will have a chance to test their own creativity, since it is crucial that a teacher understands whatever he or she wants to share with students. Workshop participants will then have a chance to discuss various definitions of creativity and the implications of each, and examine some suggestions about how creativity can be implemented in the EFL classroom.

5PM – KOTESOL Social Event nearby (Brewer's Brothers, Etoh's, or Galbi - TBA)