Conference Demographics

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The figures listed below are not very scientific, but represent some attempt at profiling our annual international conference attendees. Many attendees resist collection of demographics*, and others are hard to classify due to the nature of their teaching positions, perhaps working in more than one workplace, with diverse learners. The distinction between Koreans and "native-speakers" is particularly challenging, considering the vagueness of that term and the fact that many of our members have Korean names and foreign passports.

Due to some governmental grants this year, we will work harder to collect data, and try to impress our attendees on the real need for us to present this information.

  • Participant totals range from 1,000 ~ 1,300 most years.
  • Typically 30-35% of our attendees are Korean, the remainder are expatriates teaching in Korea, or visitors from other lands.
  • In recent years pre-registration accounts for roughly half of all attendees.
  • Most KOTESOL members attend the international conference, and more than half of all KOTESOL memberships are joined/renewed through the conference pre-registration process.
  • Group registrations provide less demographic information on individuals.
  • For this year's Individual Pre-registrations (Aug-September 2015), employment status has been reported as follows --
  • Very Young Learners  13.2%
  • Elementary School  27.6%
  • Middle School  24.1%
  • High School  18.26%
  • University Language Center  28.5%
  • University (not language center)  36.5%
  • Private academy/hagwon  11.2%
  • Board of education office  1.8%
  • Company Training Team  3.8%
  • Book Company Staff  0.3%
  • Other types of employment  5.9%

Please note that some respondents report more than one workplace type, for example, when they teach elementary school students in a private language academy, while others may work in more than one workplace type (e.g., university language center and departmental courses).

  • In 2015, we have 234 group members coming, from 12 groups.
  • Gangnam District Office (54)
  • Jeju Office of Education (22)
  • GIFLE (13)
  • SeoulTech (11)
  • Seoul National University (5)
  • Taejeon Christian International School (25)
  • Seoul SETA (50)
  • Seoul Women's University (6)
  • Hansei Univ. (5)
  • Neungyule Education (22)
  • KDLI (13)
  • Cedu Inc (8)
  • Based on names, we estimate that roughly 50% of these group members are Koreans.
  • For individual pre-registrations, roughly 20% are Koreans (based on names).

KOTESOL membership was approximately 725 prior to the conference.

* roughly 40% of all conference attendees decline to report demographic data.