BIELT (3) -- Way Beyond the Basics


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Index 3

Way Beyond the Basics            ---------------   This page is in development   ------------  No documents are attached here yet !!!

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The BIELT CPD Portfolio

1. What does the BIELT CPD Portfolio look like? 

2. Why should I keep a BIELT Portfolio? 

3. Do I need to keep a BIELT Portfolio? 

4. The BIELT Continuous Professional Development Portfolio: Sample Contents


1. Learning Styles 

2. The Learning Cycle


Evaluating CPD activities


Professional Enquiry Activities

1. What is a Professional Enquiry Project? 

2. Possible Stages in a Professional Enquiry Project 

3. Create an Investigative Club 

4. Starting a Professional Enquiry Project 

5. Professional Enquiry Project Planning Form 

6. Professional Project Evaluation Form


1. Starting to Lead Presentations, Workshops and Seminar Sessions 

2. Presentations, Workshops and Seminar Sessions Evaluation Form


Observation Activities

1. Aims of Observation Activities 

2. Peer-observation Activity 

3. Peer Observation/ Team Teaching Planner

4. Observation Activity 

5. Post Observation Activity 

6. Classroom Teaching Descriptors (Level A)

7. Classroom Teaching Descriptors (Level B)

8. Self-observation Activity 

9. Activities for Monitoring the Observer 

10. Comments on Observer's Feedback


The BIELT Mentoring Scheme

1. Who are the mentees? 

2. Who are the mentors? 

3. Profile of a Mentor 

4. What do mentors do? 

5. What training will BIELT give me to become a mentor? 

6. Why become a mentor? 

7. How do I participate in the scheme?


1. Job rotation or job sharing 

2. Work shadowing