BIELT (1) -- The Basics

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Index 1

The Basics

(Unfortunately, we are unable to make the original "RTF" files available (which you can easily edit, but which are conducive to all sorts of viruses). PDF versions of these documents are available from the bottom of the page.)


1. Introduction.
2. Why should I undertake CPD? 
3. How do I go about it?
4. Who should take part?
5. Whose responsibility is CPD?
6. Where to get more information.


1. What are CPD activities?
2. Measuring CPD Activity.
3. How much CPD should I do?
4. Monitoring members’ CPD.
5. FAQ from Members using electronic CPD Record Cards.
6. Authentication and verification on your CPD Record Card.
7. CPD Activity List.


1. The BIELT CPD Record Card: Introduction.
2. ESOL teacher's Sample CPD Record Card.
3. Teacher Trainer's Sample CPD Record Card.
4. ELT Manager's Sample CPD Record Card.
5. British Institute of ELT Continuing Professional Development Record Card Template.



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