The British Institute for English Language Teaching (BIELT) was a short-lived project aiming to produce recognizable higher professional qualifications for those who chose to not pursue formal higher education (e.g., Masters in TESOL, English Education, Linguistics or Applied Linguistics, or Doctorates within the field of English Language Teaching or related sciences).

Rather than analyzing the organization's successes and failures, the point here is to look at some of the tools that were developed in pursuit of their aim to document continuing professional development activities. Their website ( has long left the internet, but thanks to the author of many of the pages from that site and various internet archive organizations, we can present them here.



According to that old website (online from 2000-2006),

The documents may be freely used for staff development activities provided that Fiona Balloch's copyright notice is retained on each document.

The documents are in rich text format (.rtf), so it should be possible to load them into all major word processors.  (On the website those documents are presented as PDF documents due to virus concerns.)

The documents have been reduced in size in order to speed up downloading. You may want to reformat some sections in order to print them out as separate pages -- particularly if you intend using them for staff development activities.

Note -- these files are an archive of work done by Fiona Balloch on behalf of the British Institute for English Language Teaching (BIELT). Korea TESOL and its agents make no claim of ownership. The materials are presented through permission of the copyrights holder.



Index 1. The Basics

Index 2. Beyond the Basics

Index 3. Way Beyond the Basics