50 Ways to Develop Professionally

There are lots of ways to classify Professional Development, and not everyone agrees even on which things can, or cannot, be included.

Some ideas for professional development listed by Mary Shepard Wong (2011, attached) include:

  1. Keep a journal and reflect on teaching.
  2. Learn a new language.
  3. Record and view one's teaching.
  4. Be observed by a peer.
  5. Observe other teachers.
  6. Compile a portfolio.
  7. Engage in team teaching.
  8. Find a mentor.
  9. Engage in action research.

David Deubelbeiss has his own "50 tips" on a page in his blog -

Wong, M.S. (2011). Fifty Ways to Develop Professionally: What Language Educators Need to Succeed. Language Education in Asia, 2(1), 142-155.


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